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Monday, January 04, 2016

Harry Reid Wants "Retirement Slush Fund"

by JASmius

Well, of course, he does.  And the Obama FEC will almost certainly give it to him as well:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wants the Federal Election Commission to create an exemption that would allow him to spend $600,000 in unspent campaign and PAC funds on personal matters as he retires from office, the Washington Examiner reports.

Routinely brazen, isn't it?  Of course, it's been a long time since this mouthy old bastard has given a flying frak what anybody thought of him, since he pretty much runs Nevada, no matter what Governor Brian Sandoval thinks.  But since he isn't seeking another Senate term, why should he start now?

FEC Commissioner Lee E. Goodman labeled the funds an "administrative slush fund" as the extraordinary request was made, the Examiner reports.

The Nevada Democrat wants to use the funds "to close out his offices and aid his shift to becoming a former public official still intent on influencing the nation's agenda," the Examiner's Paul Bedard reports. 
Reid wants to hire a full-time assistant to help in this effort. Part of the assistant's duties would be to "schedule and organize appearances in which Senator Reid will discuss his tenure in office," a draft of an advisory opinion submitted to the FEC by the commission's general counsel on December 15th states.
If Dirty Harry is still intent on influencing the nation's agenda, why doesn't he simply stay in the Senate?  Especially given the fairly high likelihood of the Dems regaining the majority this coming November?  The only logical answer is that either (G)Reid doesn't think the Dems will retake the Senate this cycle, or he doesn't think he could win re-election.  Or both.  But he still wants a federally-funded billet.

He's not retiring, in other words.  Or at least how the term used to be defined (i.e. shut up and go away).

"This issue of personal use vexes us," FEC commissioner Goodman said at an open meeting on December 17th, the Examiner reports.

Not so seriously that a pointed, marching-orders call from the White House won't fix.


Democrat commissioner Ann Ravel defended the request during the open meeting, the Examiner reports, stating the use of the funds in such a way would be the "appropriate mechanism for a person who will continue to be doing a public service as a historic figure in our country, to achieve purposes that are important to the American public."

"This is applicable to a person who has been the majority leader for many years, who has performed an important function in our government for many years, who probably during that time had so much to do that he was unable to do some of the things that's necessary, not only for the winding down of the office but also to be able to communicate to the American public as an important figure and public official, not necessarily as just a person who's been there a couple of years and is trying to make personal use of their campaign funds," Ravel further asserted.

Here's a thought experiment: Do you think that Commissioner Ravel would gush all that ego-stroking bullshit when Mitch McConnell eventually calls it a career, and if he was insane enough to pull a caper like this?  And no, TPers, I don't think he would and neither do you.

You know what this amounts to, do you not?  Harry (G)Reid is lobbying to be Barack Obama's next "czar" in the role of "roving plenipotentiary without portfolio".

In the words of Cypher....

"Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill".

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