Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton: My First SCOTUS Appointment Will Be....Barack Hussein Obama

by JASmius

How afraid is the Empress of a criminal indictment in Emailgate that (perhaps) ends her grotesque presidential ambitions for good?

This afraid:

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is open to the idea of nominating Barack Obama for a seat on the Supreme Court, she said Tuesday, responding to a question at an Iowa town hall.

“I will certainly take that under advisement,” she said in Decorah, responding to a man’s recommendation. “I mean, he's brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor, so he’s got lots of credentials.”

She acknowledged that there might be a few obstacles in the way, first and foremost whether Obama would want the job after eight years in the White House. “He may have a few other things to do,” she said, “but I’ll tell you, that’s a great idea.”

The woman is offering a Supreme Court seat as a more or less open bribe of The One to not prosecute her for her utter shredding of the Espionage Act and the Federal Records Act.  Nothing unseemly about that, is there?  To the contrary, that's La Clinton Nostra SOP.  Business as usual.  Another day at the Clinton Foundation office.

You know why this offer will be rejected, don't you?  Easy - Being an Associate Justice would be beneath Godbama; if he's going to step down to Olympus (and he never will, but work with me, here) it will be for nothing less than the Chief Justice slot.  In that scenario I would expect John Roberts to suddenly develop "health problems," or some sudden, surprise scandal to erupt that forced him to step down, creating the only opening O would accept.

Which he wouldn't.

Meanwhile, the chorus of opinion predicting an indictment of Mrs. Clinton continues to grow:

Veteran political analyst Dick Morris says he wholeheartedly agrees with the prediction made by former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Newsmax TV — Hillary Clinton will be hit with criminal charges for using a private server for confidential government business as [commissar] of state.

"Tom DeLay is precisely right. It either will be an indictment or a leaked FBI memo recommending an indictment. The indictment of course puts Hillary in the spot and may force her out of the race," Morris, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, said Tuesday on Newsmax Prime with J.D. Hayworth.

"A leak of a possible recommendation for an indictment won't force her out of the race, but it will put Obama and Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, on the spot for why they're turning down the FBI recommendation for an indictment and it will cast a pall over the entire process."

Actually, it would cast a pall over FBI Director James Comey for allowing the leaks and probably get him canned for insubordination while Hillary staggered on, untouched by the T-Rex-long arm of the law.  I have to wonder if even a criminal indictment would force her from the race; can't you picture her using that to rally the Democrat base to her cause - "The Vast Rightwing Conspiracy is closing in - help me beat them back and win the best revenge by putting me back in the White House" - to secure her the Democrat nomination?  And what if Lynch okayed the indictment now and then trumped up some excuse to drop the charges as this cycle's "October surprise"?  Wouldn't "HILLARY EXONERATED!" and "HILLARY TRIUMPHANT!" make great headlines to run by swing voters mere days before the November election?  It'd bury all her scandals and completely drown out any issue debate at the same time.

I think Lynch is the one who would wind up with the Associate Justice spot.  And I think it's Obama who will put her there, sometime next year.  After all, Obama does have to leave before any of these scenarios can unfold.  And who says he will?

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