Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is Everybody Ready For President Bloomberg?

by JASmius

C'mon, folks, isn't THIS the face you want to see in your living room for the next four years, wondering whether he really has had a stroke while you choke down your daily state-mandated mulch shakes?

It also helps explain why pollsters are gaming a Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton-Bloomie triple-threat election that would stimulate the U.S. suicide rate to the point of blood literally flowing in the streets - which would be our only state-permitted source of protein, by the way:

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is again taking aim at the White House as a third-party candidate, the New York Times reports.

Bloomberg, seventy-three, who ran the nation's largest city from 2002 to 2013, has asked advisers to put together a campaign plan, the Times reported Saturday. He has told friends and supporters he's prepared to spend up to $1 billion of his personal fortune on the campaign, the Times says, citing unnamed sources.

His move is prompted by fellow New Yorker and billionaire Donald Trump's dominance of the Republican primary race and Democrat Hillary Clinton's political difficulties, the Times says.

So after eight horrific years of despotic Islamocommunist rule, with the economy mired in depression and poverty and squalor (outside the leftwingnut elites) and race war engulfing our towns and communities and the very concept of gender being liquified and the world aflame and careening towards nuclear Armageddon, the best that We the People can do for a critically needed remedy is two authentic New York liberals and a carpetbagging Arkansas Marxist-Alinskyist.  Three elderly, senile white people.  The latter description of which covers Bernie Sanders as well.

I don't know about taking my own life, but if that putrescence is what awaits us on the ballot this November, I can say with utter certitude that 2016 will be the first presidential election in my adult lifetime in which I will not be wasting a ballot.   Besides, I'm going to need all the free protein I can get.

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