Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Joe Biden Endorses Bernie Sanders On Barack Obama's Behalf

by JASmius

Remember the other day when Barack Obama said he would not issue an endorsement in the Democrat presidential nomination race?  He's absolutely keeping that promise - by having his veep endorse Weekend Bernie Sanders for him.

Take a look at this Biden quote and tell me how I'm wrong in this interpretation:

Vice President Joe Biden described Bernie Sanders on Monday as more authentic on economic inequality than Hillary Clinton and defended Sanders' record on gun control. Weighing in on the Democrat race he almost joined, Biden said he never felt [Mrs.] Clinton was the prohibitive favorite to win....

Biden, who decided not to run months after his son's death, said Sanders speaks to "a yearning that is deep and real" on issues of wealth disparity and people left out of the economy. He said Sanders had credibility on the issue, but that for [Mrs.] Clinton, the issue was relatively new.

"Hillary's focus has been other things up to now, and that's been Bernie's — no one questions Bernie's authenticity on those issues," Biden said. He went on to say people question anybody who hasn't been talking about the issue that long.

He also said [Mrs.] Clinton, who has coalesced much of the Democrat establishment's support, had a high bar to meet as the perceived favorite to win her party's nomination.

"I never thought she was a prohibitive favorite. I don't think she ever thought she was a prohibitive favorite,"

Go ahead, folks, I'm all ears.  Tell me how that is not an endorsement of Bernie Sanders and a back-handing, literal bitch-slap to the Empress from this White House.  We all know how that gang works.  How they send messages.  The unsubtle code words and tactics that sail below the radar of low-information voters but are day-glo obvious to anybody on either side who pays the slightest bit of attention to what this POTUS says and does.

Here's another question to ponder: Is it even Biden's genuine endorsement?  I think you could question even that.  After all, Slow Joe is the personification of a DINO.  He's been in D.C. for forty years.  You can't get any more Democrat establishment than V.P. Rogaine.  That's why his entry into the race would have been Mrs. Clinton's death knell the moment he took the plunge.  Yet here he is, in his official capacity as vice president and #2 member of the Obama Regime clearly coming down in Weekend Bernie's camp.  Biden does speak for this White House, does he not?  And they know how gaffe-prone V.P. Hairplugs is, do they not?  So they would not have allowed him to do this CNN interview on this topic if they weren't sending him out there to say precisely what he said, correct?

When you figure in the additional context of the growing, actual likelihood of Hillary Clinton being criminally indicted and prosecuted over Emailgate and her 1,300-plus violations of the Espionage Act, destroying her candidacy, and not prosecuting her leaving it merely severely crippled, and the Democrat Party needing a candidate who is both free of such immediate distractions and baggage and much more reliably extreme-leftwing, would not quietly torpedoing the damaged candidate - whose flabby, wrinkled guts he hates anyway - be the course of action for the man who is still the leader of the Democrat Party?

That's Barack Obama's message to the Democrat establishment through Slow Joe: Disengage from Hillary and close ranks behind Weekend Bernie.  Your god has spoken.  You must comply.

Now we'll see if they will.  And if they don't, how much more unsubtle The One is willing to get.

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