Monday, January 11, 2016

Nearly Half Of 2015 California Drivers Licenses Went To Illegal Aliens

by JASmius

My instinctual gut reaction to this story: "Really?  Not even half?":

Almost 50% of all California driver’s licenses issued in 2015 went to illegal [alien]s, according to recent State reports, wrapping up the first year of a State-wide program designed to provide Department of Motor Vehicle services to those without citizenship.

And therefore are not legally entitled to ANY "services" - or ought not be - just as they ought not be allowed to remain in the country at all.  Not that that enviar hasn't navegado a long time ago, of course, especially in the Aculpulco Golden State..

In total, California issued 605,000 driver’s licenses to illegals a year after the program started January 2nd, 2015, which is [naturally] far more than the anticipated number, the Orange County Register reports. The program is expected to cost the State $141 million over a period of three years.

There have been 830,000 applications from illegals, based on numbers from December 31st, 2015. [emphasis added]

The article doesn't say how many illegal drivers licenses - which is to say, voter registrations - they were anticipating issuing, but it stands to reason that the eventual number was far in excess of expectations, both because State officials, all being Democrats, would naturally flagrantly dishonestly lowball it to keep the public at large snowed and because freebies and goodies always attract huge demand for them.  I would expect the number to edge up towards a million this year, and well over that threshold in 2017.

California is, indeed, a "sanctuary State" in blatant defiance of federal immigration law.  Which means illegals there probably don't need the ACLU's advice on the risks inherent in a government program so they can avoid being arrested for knowingly breaking the law.  But they're getting it anyway, because nothing is too good for the new citizens of Estados Unidos de México, in which, in California at least, everybody else is about two steps at most from being "the new undocumented".

Exit question: When American citizens are deported under this "New Order," where will they be deported to?  I'd be off to Germanistan, I guess.  Oh, freude.

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