Thursday, January 28, 2016

North Korea To Test Another ICBM

by JASmius

You know, the ICBMs the Obama Regime says the NoKos don't have, which will deliver the atomic and thermonuclear warheads the Obama Regime says the NoKos don't have to American cities we won't be able to escape because the Obama Regime will never see them coming:

Satellite imagery shows North Korea may be preparing to launch a long-range missile as soon as within a week, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported early on Thursday, citing an unnamed Japanese government official.

The official cited signs of possible preparations for a missile launch, based on analysis of satellite imagery of the North's Tongchang-ri missile test site on its west coast....

North Korea last conducted a long-range rocket launch in late 2012, successfully putting into orbit an object it claimed was a communications satellite, in what experts saw as part of an effort to build an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok declined to comment on whether there were pre-launch activities at the site, citing a policy of not discussing intelligence matters. However, he said the North had issued no international warnings on navigation, as it has ahead of previous long-range rocket launches. [emphasis added]

Nothing ominous about that, is there?

The Kim "dynasty" has a well-earned reputation for bluff and bluster, but if I were they and was planning to launch an actual nuclear strike on the U.S., I would use the cover of a "ballistic missile test" to "launch a new satellite into orbit" to do it.  All the more so an electromagnetic pulse attack, for which that would be even better camouflage.

Is that what this is?  Are the lights about to go out in Obamerikastan permanently?  Who knows?  But one of these days, they will, rest assured.

And what is the commander-in-chief doing to prevent it?:

In Beijing, U.S. [Commissar] of State John Kerry and [Red] Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday agreed on the need for a significant new U.N. security resolution against the North, but there were few signs of progress.

Aren't you glad you asked?

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