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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Obama DHS Investigating An Entire .05% Of Millions Of Visa Overstays

by JASmius

I don't think this even qualifies as "token," if you ask me.  More like another extended middle finger to Us the People:

The [Commissariat] of Homeland [Ins]ecurity is actively investigating just three thousand of the six million individuals who have overstayed their visas and now reside in the United States illegally, according to disclosures made before Congress.

Craig Healthy, Homeland’s assistant director for national security investigations, admitted that there are just three thousand active investigations, or .05%, into some six million aliens who have illegally overstayed their visas in the United States during the past twenty years.

Investigators have additionally “exhausted” 1,626 “leads” into these individuals, Healy disclosed under questioning by Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee. [emphases added]

This sounds just as pathetically awful as it truly is, but it's really just a symptom of the true problem: that the Obama Regime indiscriminantly sprays out visas to every Jose, Pancho, and Ahmed as if from a fire hose, like pez, like condoms dispensed in sex education class, like syphilis from one of Bill Clinton's little black books, like....well, you get the idea.  How many of these visa overstayers are being investigated isn't really the point, because DHS could never have sufficient resources or personnel to throw out such a gargantuan dragnet - and that is by deliberate policy design.  The solution is to cut off the visas cold turkey and keep it that way for a good, long while - preferably, decades, to match the half-century of uninterrupted massive immigration influx, legal and illegal, with which we've been inundated.  Which, of course, no administration will ever do, but particularly the current one, whenever it leaves, if ever.

When I quip that it's a miracle any of us are still alive what with this Regime doing everything in its power to import the enemy into our country to have at us, I am not being hyperbolic, folks.  I am genuinely amazed, and wonder all the more just how much time we have left until the even bigger successor to 9/11.

I can't wait to see what awesome form THAT DHS investigation will take.

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