Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Obama Illegally Decrees Cuban Embargo Easings While Cuban Illegal Aliens Pour Into U.S.

by JASmius

See if you can spot the one thing that's missing from the quote below - and yes, this is (or ought to be) an easy one:

The [communist-ruled] United States on Tuesday announced changes to its sanctions on Cuba, lifting export payment and financing restrictions and facilitating airline travel in Washington's latest move to ease the U.S. embargo on the communist-ruled island.

The amendments, which take effect on Wednesday, "will remove restrictions on payment and financing terms for authorized exports and re-exports to Cuba of items other than agricultural items or commodities," according to a statement from the Treasury and Commerce [Commissaria]ts.

The changes will facilitate travel to Cuba by allowing blocked space, code-sharing, and leasing arrangements with Cuban airlines, it said.

They will authorize additional transactions dealing with professional meetings, disaster preparedness, information and informational materials, concerning transactions incident to professional media or artistic productions in Cuba, it said.

Give up?  I'm surprised at you.  Or has it been too long since I've posted anything about this particular Obama sellout?

Anyway, what's missing is any mention of congressional actions in this sanctions-lifting.  The latter does constitute lawmaking, after all, and Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution allocates the "Legislative Power" exclusively to Congress, not the POTUS.  And I don't recall any congressional legislation over the past year that's taken any such steps towards "restrictions-removal".  Consequently, The One is once again violating the Constitution and federal law to carry out his preferred Agenda item regardless of either and in the teeth of both.

Just thought I would reset this particular table.

O's "opening" continues to have the same effect on its commie beneficiaries as every other such "opening" - the Castro boys are cracking down even harder on their own people and the number of Cubans risking everything to flee their tyrannical nightmare for the U.S. continues to skyrocket:

A new crush of Cuban refugees is expected to swarm the United States border in Texas over the next several days.

KRGV-TV reports that at least seven thousand men, women and children will seek entry through the Port of Entry in Laredo and at the Hidalgo International Bridge in Hidalgo.

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat representing the Lone Star State's 28th congressional district, said Cuban refugees have started coming into Laredo from Central America through Mexico to the border.

The Border Patrol says they're ready to intercept them and keep them out of the country.  And I believe them, because these are not the "right" kind of illegals, seeing as how they would make his infernal majesty look bad by discrediting one of his core foreign policy initiatives.  That's nothing this POTUS will ever tolerate.

Better luck next time, Giovanni Acosta and friends. It you ever get another chance.

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