Monday, January 25, 2016

Obama Projects Unrecognizable Vision

By Douglas V. Gibbs

According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama said in an interview "that politics in America has become 'meaner' than when he took office, but expressed hope that Republicans would eventually turn away from the 'expression of frustration' and anger that Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz were offering to voters."

He went on to say that the Republican candidates for president were more outside the mainstream than Senator John McCain was during the 2008 campaign..."John McCain was a conservative, but he was well within, you know, the mainstream of not just the Republican Party but within our political dialogue"...voters would have to judge "the degree to which the Republican rhetoric and Republican vision has moved, not just to the right, but has moved to a place that is unrecognizable."

Obama's hopes, he said, is that the Republican Debates would work their way back to the center.

If anything, most of the Republicans of today are to the left of what the GOP was in past decades. Even the so-called center has moved leftward.  Thanks to the extremism of today's radical Democrats, everything has moved so far to the left, that the United States Constitution, which is technically dead center on the political spectrum, looks like it is a far right document.  The problem is, the Democrats, and especially President Barack Obama, see the federal government as an entity that must be continuously doing for the public, coddling those they believe can't do for themselves, and punishing those who succeed in achieving individual wealth.

The United States Constitution, a standard that some Republicans are reaching back to, is seen as a mean-spirited document by the Democrats.  Barack Obama has proclaimed it to be a document filled with "negative liberties that tell the government what it can't do, rather than what it should do."  The voters who have fallen for the liberal left progressive Democrat message views the GOP as evil, mean, and stupid largely because of propaganda such as Obama's recent "unrecognizable vision" comment about the GOP candidates running in the 2016 Presidential Election.  And, frankly, when one of those voters sees his or her Democrat candidate is an incompetent politician who is untrustworthy and dishonest, they will still vote for the Democrat because an incompetent liar is still better than a "racist, bigoted, fear-mongering, evil Republican."

The problem is, Mr. Obama was not describing Republicans at all when he talked about the mean-spirited unrecognizable vision of the GOP.  He was projecting the reality that his own party has become an extreme version of its former self, with an unrecognizable vision that strays so far from the Constitution that the Democrat Party agenda has more in common with the policies of old Soviet Russia, than it does with the limiting principles of the American System.

In a recent conversation with a local politician, he told me his biggest problem with some folks is that they have done little by way of proposing changes and additions to what the local government accomplishes.  The person he was referring to is a friend of mine, a fellow constitutionalist who believes the government that governs least governs best.  Personally, I don't want government at any level to be constantly trying to figure out a way to expand, and grow, and do more things.  I want government to figure out how to reduce itself to a size that fits within the authorities granted to it.  Individual self-reliance, and personal responsibility, is sort of a big thing with me, so why would I want my representatives seeking to grow the power and scope of government?

From the view of the Constitution, the constant expansion of government through Obamacare, the redefinition of our God-given rights, the exertion of greater control over the banking system, the manipulation of the economy through printing fiat money and forcing upon private businesses wage increases, the increase of direct taxation, making flawed agreements that gives aid and comfort to our enemies, importing members of an ideology that teaches their followers to commit violent terrorism against the United States, increasing government control over our energy usage and environment, overturning State laws and State Constitutional amendments on State issues through activist federal judges, and seeking to infringe on the gun rights of Americans is an unrecognizable vision that is mean-spirited. . . and frankly, is illegal according to the United States Constitution.

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