Friday, January 01, 2016

Obama Regime Refuses To Track Foreign Visitors Who Overstay Their Visas

by JASmius

And as you've probably already surmised, that is a direct violation of federal law:

Federal officials admit they've lost track of how many foreign visitors overstay their visas every year – despite a nearly twenty-year-old law requiring the government to develop a tracking system, the New York Times reports.

Federal agencies haven't even provided a new report to Congress on overstays since 1994, the Times reports.

"Since 1996, Congress has required that an exit system be put in place to determine visa overstays," the House Oversight Committee sternly noted prior to a hearing on the issue December 17th.

"The biometric exit system has yet to be put in place, and DHS has failed to issue a mandated report to Congress on the number of overstays who remain in the U.S. in violation of the law." [emphasis added]

So yes, the Clinton Regime and the Bush43 Administration are included in this dragnet.  But you'll notice that of all the numerous things and issues over and for which Barack Obama demonized George W. Bush over the second half of the previous decade, a failure to track potentially hostile foreigners - to say nothing of keeping them out of the country in the first place - wasn't one of them, and his own Regime is "failing" to do so deliberately, not from incompetence or neglect.

And, you know, because they don't want to appear "Islamophobic":

Lawmakers worry radical Islamic terrorists could exploit the visa program because the United States doesn't routinely collect biometric information on people leaving the country – including fingerprints, iris scans and photographs.

And at the December 17th House Oversight hearing, an official revealed that of 9,500 visas revoked over terrorism concerns since 2001, the United States doesn't know where all those former visa-holders are.

"Having accurate data on who is coming and going — not who is pretending to be coming and going — is essential to curtailing the insidious and increasing direct threat that ISIS is loudly declaring at our homeland," Janice Kephart, former counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee and a staff member on the 9/11 Commission, warned Congress last year, the Times reports.

At the House oversight hearing last month, however, Alan Bersin, the assistant secretary for international affairs at DHS, conceded "we don't know" when asked about the number of visa overstays.

One 1997 report by the Immigration and Naturalization Service indicates that the overstayed visa gambit accounts for nearly half of the thirty million illegal aliens in this country, which only magnifies the culpability of the White House in this planned invasion, as it isn't remotely just a matter of refusing to control the border, but a deliberate choice they're making - again, in flagrant violation of federal law, to say nothing of Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

But don't worry, everybody, the Regime promises to have an overstay report "we can believe in" issued "within six months," with an avalanche of excuses for why they didn't issue it seven years ago to tide us over in the mean time.

I'm sure it'll be delivered with a "bang," too.

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