Thursday, January 14, 2016

Obama Sends Ten Yemeni Jihadists Back To The Fight Against Us

by JASmius

The biggest cohort O has sent back to blow us up and/or slit our throats yet.  At the rate he's going, he might actually empty Gitmo by the end of the year, just in time for President Cruz to start filling it back up again:

Ten Yemeni men held at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. military prison were sent to Oman on Thursday, bringing the detainee population below the symbolically important milestone of one hundred as Barack Obama steps up efforts to close the facility before he leaves office.

Oman, of course, being more of a trampoline than a receptacle.  And what makes the one hundred rabid bloodthirsty berserker enemy mark so symbolically important?  Does that mean we get to sight it once Gitmo's population blessedly exceeds it again next year?

Their transfer to the Gulf Arab state marked the largest group of prisoners shipped out of the detention center at the U.S. naval base in Cuba since Obama began his presidency in 2009 pledging to quickly shutter a prison that has drawn international condemnation.

Gitmo drew "international condemnation," even though the "detainees" were treated like caliphs and emirs, their every physical and cultural need catered to, while the "detainees" themselves and the foul deeds that put them there received nary a peep.  Remember that.

The Yemenis, all held for more than a decade without charge or trial, were part of a wave of releases that the Obama administration signaled would take place early this year as it prepares to give Congress a plan for closing the facility. Four other detainees were moved out already this month.

Which Congress will promptly reject, as they should.  And no, they do not have any right to trials.

"This is a significant milestone on the road to closing the facility," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One as Obama returned to Washington from Louisiana.

"We'll continue to work diligently to reduce the prison population through safe and responsible detainee transfers to close the detention facility," Earnest said.

Here's an idea: Instead of sending them back to the Global Jihad, every damned last one of whom will do precisely that, why not empty out Gitmo by executing them all?  Surely they must have been mined for all the intelligence they could provide by this time.  They're illegal combatants, spies, and thus have no rights under international law.  They're enemies that want and seek to murder us all.  Why keep any of them alive?

If Dubya had implemented that policy, perhaps Gitmo wouldn't have been such a botique leftwingnut jihadi-symp cause celebre in the first place.  Hey, if it was going to draw "international condemnation" anyway, why not earn some of it?

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