Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oregon College Plans Anti-White History Month Project

by JASmius

It's bad enough that (1) we can't have a colorblind society, (2) instead have to celebrate every minority ethnicity with its own "month", and (3) can't extend the exact same courtesy to whites because somehow that would be "racist".  But if there's a virtue in any of that racist morass, it's that at least it focuses on positives.

Aaaaaaand of course, that's not bad enough for the racist Left, so here come the negatives - and, naturally, at honkies' expense:

An Oregon college intends to undertake an innovative project on racism that it says examines how white privilege affects people's daily lives.

Leftist academia obsessing about mythical "white racism" for the bazillion and third time; how is that remotely "innovative," apart from its evidently being student body-wide and mandatory?  It's like the academic equivalent of slavery reparations.

BTW, I'm still trying to figure out what my "whiteness" has ever done for me.  I know for a fact that I was once denied a job precisely because of my ethnicity and no other reason - which is to say, I was victimized by the institutionalized racism of Affirmative Action.  My "whiteness" never carried me up any career ladders.  My "whiteness" never prevented me from getting laid off or fired on nine separate occasions over twenty-seven years, my career from ultimately being destroyed, and a radio business opportunity being denied me.

That's a nice segue, isn't it?

Called Whiteness History Month, the project at Portland Community College will look at employment, education and criminal justice systems that carry privileges or advantages based on race.

An entire month of cracker-bashing.  A whole, entire, f'ing month.  I bet PCC won't even reimburse white students for the sackcloth and ashes, either.

"Racism is about how institutions are structured ... to benefit some people at the expense of others," said Luke Givens, multicultural center coordinator at the college and a member of the project planning committee.

I'm ready to discuss Affirmative Action whenever you are, Luke.

The project set for April also aims to spark conversations about racism and diversity while inspiring creative solutions to social issues that stem from racism.

Because if there's one thing this country never has enough of, it's guiltmongering about mythical "white racism".  NOW do you understand why Barack Obama must decree himself president for life?

Among other things, it will ask how whiteness is socially constructed and in what ways does it emerge from a legacy of conquest, colonialism and American enterprise, according to the project website.

They don't even realize how repugnantly racist and Ameriphobic they sound, do they?  They're like a species whose noses are located in their rectums.  For them, wallowing in shit is just "the way of things".

Somebody, at least, has noticed this outrage, which is (take your pick) either the academic equivalent of the Charleston black church shootings or, if it were aimed at African-Americans, would get PCC targeted by a low-yield tactical nuclear warhead:

Peter Fricke, a reporter for the conservative online news organization Campus Reform, wrote that the school was planning "to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming."

Fricke said a PCC student reached out to him with concerns the project could be biased....


....and he concluded the concept of whiteness was ambiguous and negative.

And flagrantly racist.

"I searched in vain for anything, for a positive attitude about the concept," he told the Associated Press. "But it was exclusively focused on the relationship between whiteness and racism, which is not something most people would embrace."

Nor should unless black people are willing to embrace watermelon, fried chicken, tap-dancing, and all the other racist stereotypes that used to be assigned to them.

What "Whiteness History Month" really is is a great, big, towering "F You" to "white America," if there was such a thing.  Which leads us to our exit question: Doesn't racist anti-white garbage like this make the movement toward celebrating "white pride" and the like more or less inevitable, simply in self-defense?  And if this is the kind of divisive, hateful society we're to be forced to have, can there really be any reasonable objection to it when reason will have been ejected from the metaphorical building a long, long time ago?

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