Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pope Francis Asks Iran To Work For Mideast Peace, Stop The Spread Of Terrorism, Reverse Time, Make Water Run Uphill, Walk On Water & Part The Red Sea

by JASmius

.....the latter four of which I'm sure the mullahs would be perfectly willing to take on if it meant expanding their empire across the Middle East via the proverbial sword and spreading WMD-fueled terrorism across the planet.

I know that Francis is in love with the sound of his own voice, but I wouldn't think even he would be this eager to waste his breath this egregiously:

Pope Francis on Tuesday met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and asked Tehran to work with other Middle East states to promote peace and stop the spread of terrorism and arms trafficking in the region.

And I'm sure they will - in the same way that Chairman Mao used to say that "peace flows from the barrel of a gun".  Once Tehran dominates the entire Middle East, I have no doubt that there will be what the mullahs will undoubtedly dub "peace".  And their dhimmi slaves will be too busy burying all their irradiated dead to engage in any counter-terrorism of their own, so that box will be checked off as well.  Thus will be created a "peace through conquest and enforced surrender" that is the only one the Qu'ran teaches.  If anybody is looking for a just Middle East peace, I don't think Francis is being nearly that particular.

A Vatican statement issued after the meeting spoke of the "relevant role Iran is called on to play" to find political solutions to the problems afflicting the Middle East, specifically mentioning terrorism and weapons trafficking.

Of which Iran is the principle instigator and perpetrator.  If Francis had lived eighty years ago, he'd doubtless have asked Adolph Hitler to attend synagogue service wearing a yarmulke.  How do y'all think that would have turned out?

Iran's president asked Pope Francis to pray for him Tuesday after the two men held private talks at the Vatican.

Rouhani's visit to the Holy See saw the first meeting between a pope and an Iranian president since 1999.

Rouhani (1) is smooth as caramel - everything that his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not - and (2) knows every bit how much of a fool his Unholiness is and is playing him like a Stradivarius.  Which is his job on the BS tour of Europe on which he's been embarked to lock in European subservience to the Islamic Empire.

Looks like the mullahs' frontman is off to a rousing start.

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