Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Save the Orange County/Costa Mesa Gun Show

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Yesterday, a fellow gun show vendor, contacted me and told me he had read on an Inland Empire Oath Keepers blog that the future of gun shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds is in jeopardy.  I immediately began calling around to my contacts in the Oath Keepers, and Guardians of the Oath, to get to the bottom of this, and sure enough, it turns out the Costa Mesa Gun Show is, indeed, in danger of being eliminated.

A lawyer for the labor unions, who already have a very liberal left track record, has managed to become appointed to the fairgrounds board of directors and wants to put an end to the gun shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The Costa Mesa Gun Show is the largest in Southern California.

Though this has not become a "fight", yet, we need to be present at the next meeting of the fairgrounds' board of directors - which happens to be tomorrow morning, January 28.  We need to show up in great numbers, not to be combative, but to show how much the gun show means to us, how important it is to the community, and why it is important that the gun show must be continued to be allowed to be at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

The details: THURSDAY, January 28th at 9 AM until 1 PM; 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, California.  A lot of people have already put in requests to speak, but if you can, or can't, your presence will send a signal to this board about how important the gun show is.

I am guessing the mythological "gun show loophole" is a part of the reasoning behind the hard left liberal's thinking.  If you get to speak, bringing that up may be an important addition to your speech.  Because this is not necessarily a "fight", yet, the owner of Crossroads of the West has asked us to please keep our comments calm and positive since it is a union hack that is trying to do in our 2nd Amendment. Anyone with a union hat or shirt would be advised to wear them.  Oath Keepers and Guardians of the Oath will be wearing their shirts.  I will have my Constitution Association shirt, and an NRA hat, on.

I am counting on many people being there, and we already have myself, plus two more going, from our group.  Will you be joining us?

Again, here's the details:

32ND District Agricultural Association
OCFEC Board of Directors

Thursday, January 28, 2016
9:00 a.m.

Administration Building
OC Fair & Event Center
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, California

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