Monday, January 11, 2016

Slaughter Of Christians In The Middle East: 'This Is Genocide'

by JASmius

A bald statement of the obvious, a truth that absolutely does need to be told, even for the sake of history not forgetting it, and an implicit indication that Barack Obama will never do so himself:

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., weighed in on the escalating slaughter of Christians by [Muslim] terrorists and fundamentalist radicals such as the Islamic State in the Middle East on Newsmax TV on Monday.

"This is genocide. This is the deliberate, organized effort to eliminate Christians from the land where they have been a part of the very fabric of the country since Jesus's time. So I am often perplexed and certainly question why there's so much reluctance, why there's so much silence," Wuerl told Newsmax Chief Political Correspondent John Gizzi on Newsmax Prime.

Simple: Because the United States is ruled by an Islamocommunist dictator who hates Christians and Jews and, while probably not an outright Muslim himself, is definitely sympathetic to their satanic worldview and cause.  If you doubt this reality, ask yourself what Barack Obama would be doing if it were Muslims who were being "cleansed" from the Middle East, or any part of the planet, for that matter?  One could argue that our country has gone to great lengths on Muzzies' behalf over the past twenty years in Kosovo in the 1990s and Afghanistan and Iraq in the last decade.  But now that it is Christians that are suffering the most ferociously murderous persecution since Roman times, all the Brethren get is not the slightest shred of mercy from this White House, but rather a cold, brutal silence.

Remember the grand total number of Syrian Christian refugees O has grudgingly accepted into our country?  Thirty four.  Versus the thousands and thousands of Muslims that he's been pouring into our towns and cities and communities and neighborhoods, many to wreak havoc on the American civilian population San Bernardino style.

Cardinal Wuerl's is not a report, nor is it even an appeal; what it really is is a lamentation that our Christian brothers and sisters are being massacred wholesale around the world, and nobody in our country gives a damn, nor will do anything to try and stop it.

That's a thought to take with y'all into the voting booth (or equivalent thereof) in the primaries and the general election next November.  Because our votes (if we're allowed to cast them) probably mean life or death for us, but they definitely mean that for whatever of our co-religionists are left in enemy territory.

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