Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Smart Diplomacy"

by JASmius

Kentucky Fried Chicken isn't the only one who sells double-downs:

Barack Obama on Sunday heralded the release of Americans held prisoner in Iran and the full implementation of a historic nuclear accord with the Islamic [Empire], holding both up as victories for "smart" diplomacy and his pledge to deal directly with enemies of the United States.

"Smart diplomacy".  He actually used that word.  "Smart diplomacy" that is gifting the enemy that openly declares death to us on a daily basis with nuclear weapons.  "Smart diplomacy" that not only got ten U.S. sailors captured, interrogated, and violated in propaganda terms, but didn't even train them properly to only give name, rank, and serial number and otherwise not cooperate with the enemy in any way shape or form.  "Smart diplomacy" that has obfuscated appeasement of and collaboration with the enemy into "dealing directly".

And no mention of the dozen-plus Iranian spies O coughed up to win the release of four of the American hostages they were holding.

"This is a good day," Obama said in a statement from the White House. "When Americans are freed and returned to their families, that's something we can all celebrate."

Obama spoke at the close of an extraordinary weekend of diplomacy that saw the back-to-back release of the five Americans and the lifting of billions in international sanctions on Iran as part of the nuclear accord.

It's a good day for the families of those four ransomed American hostages.  It's another disaster for their country, given all the Americans that will be captured and maimed and massacred in the war to come, which Barack Obama has made inevitable.

You want to know what "smart diplomacy" used to be?  "Persuading" the mullahs to released fifty-three American hostages because they feared the incoming American president might just nuke them off the face of the map.

And you know what kind of double-down I prefer?

Um, what were we talking about again?  I couldn't hear over the roar of the saliva.

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