Thursday, January 07, 2016

State Department Emailgate Record Searches "Inaccurate, Incomplete" - And Is Their Beneficiary Sick?

by JASmius

This pic has a double-meaning, as we'll see  below - and no, neither is sexual in nature, because if it were, this time Lurch wouldn't break his own leg, he'd gnaw off Lurch, Jr. as well.

The first meaning is the stubborn resistance to and continuing obstacles thrown in the way of the ongoing Emailgate investigation by John Kerry's Foggy Bottom:

The State [Commissariat]'s search for documents during [Commissar] of State Hillary Clinton's tenure contributed to "inaccurate and incomplete" responses under federal open records laws, including the existence of her private email account, the agency's watchdog will report Thursday.

The report from the agency's inspector general said personnel responsible for searching records in the [commissar]'s office did not "consistently meet statutory and regulatory requirements for completeness" and rarely met deadlines, according to a draft report obtained by the Associated Press....

State [Commissariat] Inspector General Steve Linick will also report Thursday that some requests under the Freedom of Information Act, which intersected with the [commissar] of state's office, have taken more than five hundred days to process....

Overall, the report found a "lack of oversight" by agency leadership, and a "failure to routinely search emails" as part of FOIA requests. The report also faulted ongoing staff shortages. [emphasis added]

Looks, sounds, smells, and quacks like a long-established culture, doesn't it?  One that dovetailed perfectly with all that Mrs. Clinton had to hide, and continues to do so to enable her to make it back to the White House in her own right.

But her various and sundry scandals - which have to be completely covered up because she has no ability to sugarcoat or spin them - isn't the only thing she's concealing from the American public.  And this one is dangerous, both for her and for the country:

Speculation is swirling that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton still suffers from the effects of a 2012 concussion and blood clot that sidelined her while she was [commissar] of state, Breitbart News reports.

Retired New York Police Department officer and Blaze radio host John Cardillo tweeted Monday his suspicions about [Mrs.] Clinton's long bathroom break during the last Democrat candidates' debate.

Something that I am kicking myself right now for not having deduced.

"I got this from both a [federal agent] . . . and I also got it from a New York [NYPD] guy who worked security at a Hillary event in New York City," Cardillo tells the conservative news outlet.

"These are two people that aren't just personal friends," he tells the website.

"I worked with one and then post law-enforcement worked with another on some related things . . . Both of them told me the same thing, that after her speeches, whether she did a talk or a policy speech, she had to sit behind — she would come off the podium backstage — and have to sit and rest before making it back to the car because she was so fatigued, dizzy and disoriented."

According to Cardillo, one of the sources claimed [Mrs.] Clinton at one time was "very pale, kind of disoriented. He said she looked like she was about to faint. She was very pale, almost sweaty."...

[J]ournalist Edward Klein has argued [Mrs.] Clinton's health issues are significant.

"To this day, Hillary still suffers from many of the troubling symptoms that I wrote about in [Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary]: blinding headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, and a tremor in her hands," Klein noted last month.

He adds:

"There have been several incidents in which she has nearly collapsed. For example, after her eleven-hour testimony before the Trey Gowdy Benghazi committee, Hillary swooned as she walked to a waiting car. She had to be supported in the arms of her aides and helped into the back seat." [emphases added]

You know what this reminds me of more than anything else?  The way that the media covered up for President Franklin D. Roosevelt's polio disability eighty years ago.  He didn't want to appear weak by being pushed around to public events in a wheelchair, so he went through this elaborate ritual of putting on his leg braces, and then putting on his trousers over them and then his shoes so that he could create the appearance of walking to podiums and such.  One of his greatest fears after the attack on Pearl Harbor was the walk all the way down to the bottom of the House of Representatives chamber and the climb up to the Speaker's podium to deliver his "Day of Infamy" speech.  That was the time, more than any other, when he wanted to project confidence and strength.  Think if FDR had stumbled and fallen on the way down to deliver that speech.  Not the image he wanted to create, both for his own personal vanity (which was immense) and for the country as well.

Of course, if FDR had retired after two terms like every other POTUS, he wouldn't have continued to waste away in office until he finally dropped dead of a cerebral hemorrhage a month into his fourth term.  And this was hardly the only time that the press embargoed unhealthy habits of presidents, like JFK's satyriasis, LBJ's alcoholism, and Bill Clinton's rumored cocaine habit.  There is, unfortunately, a long and dishonorable pedigree to such partisan fourth estate irresponsibility.  And now it is apparently continuing with Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom they have, however reluctantly, concluded, with the Dems' national "bench" so empty, is the only remotely viable candidate to represent their party in 2016.  Which is another way of saying that Bernie Sanders, who is six years older than the Empress and sure looks like he needs podiums to keep him upright, doesn't exactly look to be the picture of rosy-cheeked health either.

But that begs additional questions:

1) Is finally attaining the presidency so obsessively important to the Ugly Dutchess that she's willing to literally kill herself to get it?  How long, at this rate, will it be until she collapses at a public event where everybody can see her infirmity?

2) Does she have no actual, genuine friends or family that are willing to carry out what would amount to an "intervention" to grab and convince her that her life and....well, not her husband, I suppose, but her daughter and grandchildren are more important than the political power after which she's lusted her entire life?

And this one, I freely admit, is more than a little dark, but it must be cited....

3) Are her fellow Democrats so ruthlessly determined to hold onto the White House that they are using her, in full knowledge of a presidential campaign being such a health hazard, to do so?  Or, even more sinister, are they using her as a bridge to this man?

Let's revisit the Twenty Fifth Amendment, Section 4, Clause 2, shall we?:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principle officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his [or her] office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

I'm not suggesting that her party is forcing Mrs. Clinton to run, or that they would try to incapacitate her once she were in office.  What I am suggesting is that they can see the handwriting on the wall: Hillary Clinton is bound and determined to get back to the White House at all costs, at all hazards, the chances of her suffering a crippling health event increase the longer this process goes on, and if she did become president, it would become a virtual certainty.  And if she has a stroke, a la Woodrow Wilson in 1919, there is now the above constitutional provision to transition the country to yet another Marxist-Alinskyist "Great Minority Hope" who couldn't get there any other way.

Sure, there are risks - Mrs. Clinton could keel over at one of the presidential debates leaving the Dems without a candidate - but in that instance, Barack Obama could still issue an executive order canceling the 2016 election and decreeing himself a third term.

Politics, whether in the grassroots or at the highest levels, is full-contact and cutthroat.  But, speaking for myself, I don't want any opponent to die.  So if Hillary Clinton is as ill as this story suggests, I would urge her to rethink whether her obsession with power is really worth depriving her daughter of her mother, her grandchildren of their grandma, and making Sick Willie's day.

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