Sunday, January 24, 2016

Switzerland's Answer To Muslim Rape Gangs: Cartoons

by JASmius

Candid Camera.  That's what this is.  They're bringing back Candid Camera and resurrecting and disinterring Alan Funt to host it.  It's the only answer:

Authorities in Lucerne, Switzerland, plan to distribute flyers containing cartoons aimed at preventing sexual assaults on women like those that occurred in Cologne, Germany, on New Year's, the Daily Mail reports.

Well, maybe if they captured every Muslim male and mummified them in these flyers, or used the paper cut method of piecemeal castration, it might work.  Otherwise it'll provide them reading material between orgasms, I suppose.

But trust me, folks, this gets a lot sillier.

The Swiss are seeking to use a version of a pamphlet issued in Austria, which includes an image of a man hitting a woman with a large red X over it.

Do we even know if "X" means the same thing in Muslim culture as it does in Western culture?  Couldn't that just as easily be the Islamic version of crosshairs?

It also includes an image of two men kissing and two women kissing with a green check mark, indicating that homosexual relationships are allowed in the country.

The perfect message to send to violent invaders whose culture makes homosexuality a capital crime.  The Swiss and the Austrians are absolutely nucking futs.

But that still isn't the punchline:

Austria has distributed the cartoons, with captions in various languages, targets asylum-seekers coming from cultures in the Middle East that may have different customs than the west, but critics have called the leaflets racist. [emphasis added]

Naturally.  Because the leaflets couldn't be objectionable because they're an embarrassment of multi-faceted asininity.  Literally too ridiculous to take sufficiently seriously at which to get mad.

THAT is where the green box should have been checked.  And if they didn't do it, they can rest assured that I already have.

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