Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ted Cruz Points Out The Donald Trump-Democrat Connection

by JASmius

For months Senator Cruz has been saying nary a discouraging word about Donald Trump, keeping his powder dry, his ammunition on hot standby, and his finger on the trigger, waiting for the right "until you see the whites of their eyes" moment to open fire and start carpet-bombing the Democrats' Trojan Horse.  And you'll notice that I haven't once criticized him for holding back like he has, because as I have argued going back to last summer, the best way to handle Trump is to ignore him and deny him the media slap-fight oxygen he craves and off of which he thrives.  And it has worked brilliantly, as Cruz has overtaken Trump in Iowa and caught him nationally.

And then Trump, having no substantive angle on which to go after Cruz, went the birther route.

Big mistake:

“I will say it is more than a little strange to see Donald relying on as authoritative a liberal, left wing, judicial [extrem]ist Harvard Law professor [Lawrence Tribe] who is a huge Hillary supporter,” Cruz told reporters in Hudson, New Hampshire, Tuesday. “It starts to make you think, gosh, why are Hillary’s strongest supporters backing Donald Trump?”…

“You know, the past couple of elections we saw the Democrats thrilled that they got the nominee they wanted to run against in the general election,” he said. “And it seems the Hillary folks are very eager to support Donald Trump and the attacks that are being tossed my direction.” [emphases added]

Yes, my friends, it's finally happened: Ted Cruz is echoing me.  Now the apocalypse really can begin.

I'll tell you one thing, folks: Donald Trump has a lot more to lose from being outed as the Democrat that he is than Ted Cruz does from any roaringly hypocritical birther attack carried out on The Donald's behalf by his Democrat friends and allies.  And I trust the Texas senator to realize that this can't just be a shot across the bow, but that it is now "on" and a three week fight to the finish in Iowa and beyond.

It's much like what Captain Kirk told the Eminiar VII councilman in "A Taste of Armageddon" after he tells the Enterprise CO that the starship has been "designated" a casualty of his planet's war with its neighbor Vendikar, and that Kirk must therefore scuttle it and have his crew beamed down and executed:

"I didn't start your war, councilman, but I'm liable to finish it."

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