Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Sex Offender Administration

by JASmius

And here you all thought it was bad enough that the Veterans Administration hires shockingly few veterans:

Despite a long-running government-wide push to hire veterans, only 13% of the top officials managing [Commissariat] of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare system medical facilities are veterans and only two of those facilities are run by doctors who served in the military, according to an analysis by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Which suggests there really isn't much of a "push".  Or that the feds are not willing to "quota-ize" it to ensure greater numbers, unlike the case with, for example, Affirmative Action.

The DCNF analysis examined the biographies of the three hundred top employees who run VA’s seventy-five medical centers and regional offices, including directors, chiefs of staff and associate and assistant directors.  The original Veterans Preference Act in federal employment became law in 1944.

One more federal law the Obama Regime is ignoring.

Viewing the 13% figure, it’s almost as if the VA wants to ensure that, [even] if veterans do work for the agency, they don’t have the power to make changes.

I don't think there's anything "almost" about it.

On the face of it, wouldn't you think that the Veterans Administration hiring veterans at all levels would be a no-brainer?  Who would be better motivated to ensure that vets got the best possible care, even if from a liberal left socialist commie bastard single payer collective like the VA, than their fellow vets?

But then you have to remember the dominant worldview of the drones who inhabit the entire gargantuan federal bureaucracy far beyond just the VA like bacteria inhabit our rectums - liberal left socialist commie bastards.  Next, you must remember what liberal left socialist commie bastards think of the U.S. military - the contemptuous, scurrilous smear that soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen are "baby-killers" and "war criminals" and "homophobes" and "trannyphobes" and "Islamophobes", etc., etc., etc. who don't deserve the best possible care.  And then you'll connect the dots to the VA scandal itself, in which thousands of American veterans were left languishing on waiting lists and died of cruel and callous neglect.

The connection with the Obama Regime is so obvious I didn't feel the need to point it out.

But this little detail is worth highlighting:

A Tomah Department of Veterans Affairs employee responsible for counseling inpatient female veterans in the PTSD and substance abuse units.... [emphasis added]

 In other words, emotionally "intimate" counseling.

....has just been jailed over multiple sexual assault allegations, according to reports received by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

An internal public affairs memo corroborates those reports, though the exact nature of the behavior was not mentioned, nor was an employee named.

However, reports indicate that the employee is likely Charles Davis, a mental health peer support specialist who allegedly forced oral sex on one woman and exposed his penis to two other women. Other women are coming forward now that word has spread around the facility of Davis’ booking in the Monroe County jail. In total, Davis faces seven charges, though exactly what those charges are at this point is unclear. [emphases added]

Is it not eminently safe to conclude that Charles Davis is far from the only sexual predator the VA has hired?  And that they'll never fire him either, but just put him on "administrative leave" until this uproar, um, "blows" over, after which he can return and resume forcing oral sex on, and exposing his penis to, vulnerable female vets?  Or maybe just raping them outright.

Or is that privilege reserved exclusivey to the VA's Muslim hires?

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