Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trump BECOMES King Corn, Smears Ted Cruz As "More Corrupt Than Hillary"

by JASmius

If Sarah Palin has any fans left - and she shouldn't after yesterday's disgrace - let them understand that this is the kind of crapola to which she has hitched her "brand" wagon:

Donald Trump said Tuesday that federal regulators should increase the amount of ethanol blended into the nation’s gasoline supply.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Trump, a real estate mogul and [candidate] for the Republican presidential nomination, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ought to follow the ethanol volumes Congress set in 2007.

“The EPA should ensure that biofuel … blend levels match the statutory level set by Congress under the [renewable fuel standard],” Trump said.

The mandate is popular in Iowa, which hosts the nation’s first caucuses.

Admittedly, this hardly puts Trump in any exclusive company - pretty much every presidential candidate of both parties bows the knee to King Corn every four years.  Indeed, after resisting the "renewable fuels" compulsion for almost the entirety of 2015, even Senator Cruz finally buckled last month (Not that it's done him a damned bit of good).  But wasn't Sarah Palin the bane and sworn enemy of corporate welfare and corrupt politicians?  Isn't the energy issue her bailiwick?  Didn't she rise to the governorship of Alaska by fighting precisely this sort of crony capitalism?  And now, the very day after 'cuda gives him the big ol' symbolic endorsement smooch, The Donald goes out and takes a great big dump on the core of that for which she's always purported to stand.  Makes me wonder if she knew about this renewable fuels embrace yesterday.  You'll notice she was nowhere to be found today, as if she swooped in for the endorsement party and then swooped right back out again back to the Great White North.  Talk about the ultimate one-night stand.  "Mama Grizzly" really is without shame.

Meanwhile, Trump's vicious low-blows against Senator Cruz get lower and lower and more ludicrous with each passing day:

This is a smear, by the way. He’s seizing on the revelation last week that Cruz never disclosed a margin loan from Goldman Sachs, where his wife works, during his first Senate run. That’s true, sort of — he never disclosed it to the FEC, which Cruz blamed on a “filing error.” But it’s not true that he never disclosed the loan publicly. Phil Kerpen dug up this form from Cruz’s filing with the Secretary of the Senate before the runoff with David Dewhurst in 2012.

Ted Cruz's primary runoff against Dewhurst was July 31, 2012. He publicly disclosed the margin loan July 9, 2012.

The Goldman Sachs loan was noted by the media no later than June 2013, in a story by Roll Call. Trump wants you to believe that Cruz deliberately tried to withhold information about it from the public, but if that were true then obviously he would have omitted it from the Senate filing as well. It’s a smear.

It's a smear, it's a reckless lie, but like every other Democrat, Trump isn't required to have his facts straight, or to have any facts at all.  Indeed, he's entitled to his own facts, whatever the truth actually happens to be.  And he's entitled to force others conform reality to his lies, or at least act like that's the case.  And his witless "GOP" drone followers will be only too happy to oblige.

Or will they?  I've long since abandoned the expectation that Trump will go too far with his compulsive vitriol, but I still retain the detached curiosity of wondering if it's possible for him to go too far.  Now the billionaire slumlord has actually, really, and truly said that the Donk crime lord who helped write the book on crookedness has more integrity than the most conservative candidate in the race.  Even if there's not the avalanche of outrage that smear should trigger, shouldn't there at least be some incredulity at its sheer absurdity?  Especially since he tied it to the equally ridiculous slur of Cruz being the purported "Manitoban Candidate"?  If Trump can't disqualify himself by being a leftwing Democrat, can't he be disqualified for being a roaring dumbass?

UPDATE: Ah, here Mrs. Palin was, extolling Trump, the man who essentially dodged the Vietnam draft and ridiculed her 2008 running mate running mate’s heroism in enduring the Hanoi Hilton because he had the misfortune of being captured in the first place, as "a commander-in-chief who’ll respect what our forces go through".  Silly Sarah; Trump doesn't respect anybody, including her, and even himself.  She, at least, has proven herself unworthy of it.

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