Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trump Re-Tweets Neo-Nazi

by JASmius

We know why leftwingnuts who don't understand what Donald Trump is really doing by saying over-the-top silly things like "all illegal aliens are rapists" and insincerely proposing impractical ideas like banning all Muslims - i.e. reinforce every Donk smear of the GOP from the inside - come up with Tweets like the one above.  I don't go there because (1) there are plenty of substantiated reasons to vehemently loathe and oppose Donald Trump without going Godwinn and (2) there isn't any evidence that Trump has any specifically national socialist tendencies, unless you want to count his bromance with Vlad Putin.

Until now, perhaps:

Donald Trump on Friday retweeted a message from a Twitter user with the handle @WhiteGenocideTM.

The tweet features a photoshopped picture of Jeb Bush holding a “vote for Trump” sign outside of Trump Tower.

The user's profile has a black banner photo with red lettering that says “Get the fuck out of my country.” The name attached to the profile is Donald Trumpovitz and the location is “Jewmerica," with a link to a page promoting a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary.

The profile picture is the cover of the October 1961 issue “The National Police Gazette," featuring a picture of George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, thumbing his nose, and the subhead “The Man who wants to be Hitler.”

Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Understand, ladies and gentlemen, that it was not "Donald Trumpovitz" who re-tweeted a Trump tweet; it was Trump who re-tweeted this reprobate.

What does this tell us?  There is a range of possibilities.

1) All Trump saw was the Jeb-bashing tweet and he re-tweeted it reflexively, indicating a complete lack of attention to detail and a compulsiveness that does not bode well for the executive competence of a Trumpidency.  I mean seriously, wouldn't the average person notice that this Twitter account wasn't quite right, even at a glance?

2) Trump noticed that a neo-Nazi was joining the dogpile on Bush III and heedlessly re-tweeted him anyway, denoting an amorality that will welcome any support from any source or ideological direction, no matter how vile.

3) Trump has a soft spot for neo-Nazis and wants everybody to know it.

I guess there is a fourth possibility: A leftwingnut Twitter troll created "Donald Trumpovitz" and duped Trump into re-tweeting the Jeb-bashing bait to create this story.  Which really gets us back to option #1 above.

Regardless, one has to wonder at what the GOP grassroots has come to that so many Pachyderms have completely sold out to a guttersniping New York liberal, incompetent manager, effortlessly manipulable fool, and boorish personality cult - in essence, the "Republican" answer to Barack Obama.

But then you all know how I've always felt about the Trump candidacy.  So let me share with you the thoughts about it of one of the wisest, most thoughtful and intelligent men on the planet, Dr. Thomas Sowell:

However puzzling the fervent support for Donald Trump may be today, given how little basis there is for it, such blind faith is not unique in history. Other dire or desperate times have produced other charismatic leaders to whom desperate people have turned, with hopes of deliverance....

Things were appalling in 1917 Russia, when people turned to Lenin to try to get them out of a disastrous war abroad and a bitter economic situation at home.

The fact that Lenin was quite different from the czar who had led the country into catastrophe might have seemed promising to some people. He was also different from the ineffective Kerensky government that failed in its brief months in office. But the totalitarian government that Lenin established proved to be even worse than its predecessors.

The idea that someone quite different from those who led a nation into disaster can be expected to produce an improvement is a non sequitur that has seduced many people in many places and times.

Germany's Weimar Republic was nobody's idea of an ideal government but Hitler's reign that followed was far worse in every way. Many Americans denounced the rule of the Shah of Iran, but he was never a worldwide sponsor of terrorism, like those who replaced him.

A pattern that would appear in many other places and times was one in which people's hopes became focused on someone new, charismatic and with ringing rhetoric - but utterly untested for the job of governing a nation.

That is where we are today. [emphases added]

Is Trump Lenin or Hitler?  No.  But then neither was Lenin Hitler, or Hitler Lenin, either.  And they were both utter disasters for their respective countries and for the world.  Trump?  Who knows?  Alternate history tales are replete with speculations about what would have happened if the crank old man mumbling extremist nostrums to the pigeons on the next park bench had somehow made it into power.  Trump is no rigid ideologue like a Lenin or Hitler, which only serves to make him completely unpredictable.  The only thing we could count on from The Donald is that he would do whatever he believed was in his own personal best interest - not the country's, not our allies', not the American people's, and sure as shinola not the Constitution's.  If that meant nuking Red China, he would do it; if it meant gifting Alaska back to the Russians by Executive Order, he would do it; if it meant overthrowing Barack Obama and establishing his own dictatorship of the "classytariet," he'd do it; if it meant rounding up all the "losers" in the country and sending them to the gas chambers, he'd do it.

The purpose of a long presidential campaign is to vet each and every candidate so that We the People don't make a disastrous mistake and entrust with that much power somebody who is dangerously ill-suited for it.

Barack Obama could have been vetted, and if he had been, there is an at least measurable chance that he never would have been elected POTUS in the first place.  But he never was vetted, the overhyped, unAmerican personality cult was allowed to run wild, and the Old American Republic died as a result.  Now, coasting on ephemeral, rigor mortic culture overhang, and way too acclimated to personality cults, many Republican voters want one of their own, and a demagogue like Trump recognized it, jumped into the race, and is cashing in - and way too few Republicans give a damn about vetting this man anymore than tens of millions of voters did The One eight years ago.

Trumpmania is tribalism having fatally and terminally infected the GOP, its casualties and victims conservatism and the United States Constitution.

And now he's re-tweeting neo-Nazis.

Unreal. Donald Trump just unironically retweeted a vile White Nationalist account 

Oh, it's real, Sean; it's damned real.

UPDATE: Well, I have to admit, this time Trump has taken the words right out of my mouth:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says his supporters are so loyal they would stick with him even if he shot somebody.

The comment came as Trump contrasted himself with rivals such as Ted Cruz, his most serious challenger in the State, with just nine days to go before the Iowa caucuses open voting in the 2016 campaign.

"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?" Trump told an enthusiastic audience at a Christian school, Dordt College. "It's like incredible."

It's almost a pity he didn't put that boast to the test with a few members of his audience.  I bet he'd have been vindicated as the rest of the crowd roared its brainwashed approval, including those he gunned down with their dying gurgles.

So I'm imagining he'll suffer no negative repercussions from his ad (inadvertently?) extolling the virtues of Russian veterans:

Josh Perry, a campaign aide for GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, tweeted out images of the soldiers’ medals that clearly show prominent Russian symbols like the communist hammer and sickle.

Since it was first posted, the video has been changed to replace the picture with one of the business mogul greeting a man with prosthetic arms who appears to be a veteran.

The Trump campaign made a similar gaffe in its first television ad focusing on immigration that showed images of Morocco while warning against [alien]s coming through “our southern border.” [emphases added]

You tell me, Trumplicans: a sly smooch for his fellow strongman pal Vlad, or the kind of roaring incompetence we can expect for the next four years if the (Second) Celebrity President somehow makes it to the White House?

To which the correct answer is, "Yes".

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Donya Ging said...

Yes, not only their Mosques be shut down, but all the immigrants should be kept away.
EVERYONE knows these people were raised to be lawless and godless, and they dont have anything to stop them from killing all innocents.
People everywhere in Germany, Europe, Britain are calling out for help from these murdering slaughtering mutulating rapists.
Why would anyone want them among us?
People are being killed, and people are crying out for help, because they know they will be killed sooner or later. This is living terror!
Trolls are scanning the Conservatives blogs, to see who they can complain and cry about and get them banned for the truth!
And politicians sit by and worry about campaigns, while the Government does nothing, and other rich elite adds to the terror. Our people need help, and they need it yesterday.

Not being tolerant of gang rape is Islamophobic says libtard brainless.
Terrified young lady gets censored and banned for trying to reach out for
help. Why are these people allowed to feast on rape, killing, and
mutulations, to say and do what they want, and we get censored and banned
for it, if we try it? Americans we are living in sick times. Our world is selling us out to sick
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