Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ben Carson To Hamstring Ted Cruz & Put Donald Trump Over The South Carolina Top

by JASmius

If this doesn't convince you that Ben Carson is the manipulated puppet of greedy, ambitious handlers, then you are probably one of the latter:

“I still have millions of supporters. … We have a lot of people who continue to make donations, and they’re saying, ‘Please, please, please, please don’t drop out. Please stay in, because your strong States are going to be coming up,’” Mr. Carson said in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s Hannity program on Fox News.

“And I believe that to be the case. I believe you will see a significant improvement right here in South Carolina, and the more times we have an opportunity to get in front of audiences and actually explain what our policies are, it makes a huge difference,” he said…

“They have their own personal reasons, but I was petitioned by the people — I’m a member of ‘we the people,’ ” he said. “And as long as I have the support of ‘we the people,’ I will continue to go, particularly with them saying please don’t drop out.”

"Millions of supporters" sounds like a lot, doesn't it?  But TWO million would qualify as "millions," and divided across all fifty States, that would be forty thousand per State.  And that's both not enough to win a single caucus or primary and more votes than Gentle Ben earned  in either Iowa or New Hampshire.  Which will continue to be demonstrated in each successive contest until he finally gets the message.

No, Dr. Carson, you have millions of customers for your self-retailing business, which is all your campaign is, and perhaps ever was.  You're apparently, and sadly, too weak-willed - or, dare I say it - weak-minded to realize it.  Or your greedy, ambitious handlers are keeping you fooled and distracted from doing so.  Either way, at precisely the time you need to "take one for the team" and get out of Ted Cruz's way in order to aid in the overarching necessity of stopping Donald Trump's hostile takeover of the GOP on unwitting behalf of La Clinton Nostra - in which South Carolina and its fifty winner-take-all delegates is now a pivotal contest - you're doubling-down on tearing down the only candidate left in the race that has a hope in hell of doing so.

If you're a conservative voter, there is only one viable choice left in this race: Ted Cruz.  Period, exclamation point.  Dr. C's butthurt excuses about Senator Cruz's supposed "dirty tricks" that had no bearing on the Iowa outcome are irrelevant minutia that must be put aside in order to try and save our party from (this time it's literal) going the way of the Whigs and disenfranchising the Right for, if not good, then at least for the foreseeable future.

Ben Carson needs, MUST, exit the race now.  Today.  This very instant.  And then endorse Senator Cruz.  Because it's the right thing to do.

Instead, just as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie tag-teamed to "kill" Marco Rubio in suicidal, self-defeating "establishment" internecine "friendly fire" warfare, of whom Donald Trump was the sole beneficiary, so Ben Carson, at the behest of his millions.....

....of fans, is trying to "kill" Ted Cruz, in suicidal, self-defeating, Tea Party internecine "friendly fire" warfare, of whom Donald Trump will be the sole beneficiary.

And you'll never guess who the Doc's tag-team partner is:
Watch the....clip below to find Rubio repeating the same “dirty trick” charge against Cruz that Carson and Trump have been pushing lately. I thought Rubio’s new strategy in South Carolina would either be to go hard after Trump in the name of elevating himself as the strongest “Not Trump” in the race and/or to go hard after Jeb in hopes of eliminating Bush ASAP. Instead he’s pandering to Carson’s voters by coming after Cruz, which not only reduces Cruz’s chances of picking up the evangelicals he needs to win but may damage Cruz among other undecideds by painting him as a cheater. The beneficiary, of course, is Trump.

Of course.  Because the beneficiary of EVERYTHING is Trump.  It almost makes me wonder if this entire primary campaign is a work, with every other genuinely Republican candidate part of a vast, orchestrated, choreographed secret operation to ensure that Trump gets the GOP nomination.

Anybody who is at all familiar with my writings and podcasts over the years, going back to my days on the old Compuserve Republican Forum in the last century, knows I am no Fox Mulder; I've always believed that chalking perplexities up to conspiracism constitutes intellectual sloth.  But watching this nomination contest unfold from one day and week and month to the next, and seeing the actual Republican candidates consistently way more prone to savaging each other than the New York liberal, all to his benefit, it even makes me wonder.  It's either that or my ongoing theme of mass psychosis.

Either way, the end result can only be a pile of figurative actual Republican corpses, killed by their own myopic, petty selfishness, with Hillary Clinton's stalking horse standing triumphantly atop them.

This Tweet says it well:

The fate of The Republic could very well depend on underachieving politicians humbly and graciously accepting defeat. Hence, we're doomed

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