Thursday, February 04, 2016


By Allan McNew

Bernie Sanders is a fascinating study for me. The rumpled Senator, perpetually looking like he has endured several days sleeping in an airport lobby because all flights were grounded due to a bad storm, is easy to imagine as still sitting in the front row of the very first showing in 1967 of the musical “Hair”, or perhaps throwing off his clothes to cavort around naked in a haze of marijuana smoke while attending a long ago Grateful Dead concert.

Even though he appears to have some blind spots concerning self awareness as well as apparent denial as to the true nature of the far left elite he would need to implement his described agenda – an elite whose base self interest is the direct opposite of what they profess to endorse for society – Bernie appears to truly believe what he says. It's as though Cervantes wrote the screen play of “Mr Sanders Goes to Washington” and the film is rolling before our eyes with Don Sanders in rusted armor assaulting Wall Street astride the broken down, old nag Rocinante. Throw in Vice Presidential candidate Sancho Panza, always on the lookout for his next scarce meal, and the lovely, yet elusive, White House aide Dulcinea del Toboso, the best salter of pork in the public domain – whose virtue will never allow her to wear a blue dress in the White House. Something about precedence.

For all the stuff on his political platform he can't realistically deliver at this time in space, Sanders embraces his ideology, proudly proclaiming to be an unapologetic socialist. Unlike Bernie, the whole mass of socialist poltroons comprising the Democratic party are in the political closet, hiding behind the label of “progressive”.

Even though the Bern is wrapped in an impractical version of far left ideology, it's hard for me – as I understand him - to not like and respect Sanders for saying what he truly believes, as ungrounded in reality as it may at times be. It's a rare quality in the political world.

On the other hand, there are the Clintons. I remember how energetic Bill Clinton looked as President in 1993, the day he got that $200.00 haircut on the public dime in Airforce One with the engines running while blocking a couple of runways, which prompted former presidential candidate Ross Perot to grab someone to film himself (Perot) getting a $15.00 haircut, which Perot paid for out of his own pocket. Bill looked really bad standing behind Hillary as she gave her pre-emptive speech for the 2015 Iowa primary, in which Sanders came out of nowhere for an election draw. Mouth slightly agape, eyes vacant, hollow cheeked, geriatric white hair, Bill looked like he had been wheeled out of the old folks home, all that was missing was a portable oxygen canister with tubing to his nose and a wheelchair.

It's ironic that calculating, presumptuous, political chameleon Hillary Clinton was in the Watergate posse that was part of Nixon's demise, and all these years later Hillary now has an FBI investigation up her skirt.

As I write about the Clintons, I'm getting a bad taste in my mouth. I could go on for hours about their fifty some odd years in politics, but I think I'll go take a bath instead, wash some of that off me.

Bernie's much more fun.

Author's Note: That title sounds like it belongs on an LP album jacket of a late 60's garage band release, doesn't it?

Editor's Note: Bernie may be more fun now, but if Hillary were to win, as Rome burned, at least we'd be laughing at Bill Clinton's sexual exploits.  The End-Times Comedians would have plenty of fodder for jokes in their act, thanks to Bill, too.

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