Monday, February 29, 2016

Chris Rockin' The Oscars

by JASmius

I never watch awards shows.  Not the Oscars, not the Emmys, not the Grammies, not the Tonys, not even the ESPYs, and damn sure not the Slammies.  It's all auto-fellating fluff about people and things about which I couldn't care less.  And last night's Academy Awards shindig was no different.  Mrs. Hard Starboard had it on when I got home from visiting my dad and the first thing I did was change the channel to Big Big Theory and Mythbusters reruns.  Because I don't allow garbage on my television.

But Chris Rock's opening monologue, which I had already missed, to my belated chagrin, was more than worth tuning in. for two reasons: (1) I found, to my delighted surprise, that I didn't differ with any common-sensical thing Rock said; and (2) he used the vehicle of humor to impart it, which vastly improves the chances of that common sense being considered, and heeded, by the audience, far moreso than anger ever has, does, or will.

Which is another way of saying that any attempt on the part of any ex-conservative Trumplican to draw any parallel between the Pompadoured Prince and Ronald Reagan should be treated as a capital offense, sentenced to be carried out summarily and immediately.

Exit question: D'ya think all the black racist attacks on this year's Oscars might account for this?

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