Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Confusion of Non-Politicians at GOP Debate

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The GOP Debate on ABC that preceded the New Hampshire Primary revealed a few fascinating things - not during the debate, but before it even got started.

Donald Trump has generally been leading in the polls.  Folks have been astounded by the good showing by the non-politicians; Trump, Carson and Fiorina.  I believe the popularity of Trump reveals that the conservative voters out there are sick of business-as-usual by the Republicans, which usually includes licking the boots of the Democrats every time the leftists make a threat, or use their allies in the media to challenge a member of the GOP.  However, number-crunchers and political junkies like myself have largely not run after the non-politicians.  Their lack of experience not only is unappealing, but their histories are appalling - at least with Trump and Fiorina.

All three talk a good game.  However, Trump has too many connections to the Democrat Party, and too much history with people like the Clintons.  He may be saying the right thing, and following the "art of the deal" to a tee, but in the end I am not sure he believes what he says.

Carly Fiorina is great in a debate, has some great comebacks, and would be the perfect weapon against Hillary Clinton.   However, she is a globalist, and does not have a preferable stance on the social issues.

Ben Carson is intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and genuine.  But, he is seen as being too soft.

The most glaring issue with all three of them, however, is the political inexperience, which reared its ugly head for two of them at the debate.

As the names of the candidates were being called, Carson and Trump got hung up on the edge of the stage, not sure if it was their turn, and not sure if their name had been called.  All of the candidates admitted it was impossible to hear their names, but the more experienced candidates stepped out on stage anyway as the introductions were being given, because their experience told them what to do.

Trump says he wasn't confused, he simply stayed with Carson to help him.

I think they were both confused, and this confusion that came from inexperience may be something that could follow these men into the White House should either one of them win the election.

Do we really want that kind of inexperience following around our Commander in Chief when the phone call at 3:00 AM comes in?

Even more interesting is that once they got Carson and Trump on stage, they forgot about Kasich.

Isn't Kasich forgettable?  Apparently, he is.

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