Tuesday, February 23, 2016

David Brock's Condescending Pro-Hillary Panic

by JASmius

He kind of looks like Mrs. Doubtfire, doesn't he?

That's more appropriate than he wants anybody to know.  By which I mean that Brock is more female than his heroine for whom he frantically flacks:

I’m writing today to urge that you and your campaign immediately halt all negative campaigning against our party’s prospective candidate for the presidency, [Commissar] Hillary Clinton.

Translation: "I'm writing today to urge our party's prospective candidate for the presidency, Bernie Sanders, and his campaign to immediately halt all negative campaigning against my heroine, Hillary Clinton, because it will deny her her lifelong, megalomaniacal ambition and coronational processional.

After first pledging to wage a positive campaign for president, you and your campaign have for weeks now engaged in a relentlessly ugly barrage of false character attacks against Mrs. Clinton, including running negative TV advertising of the sort you promised you never would…

Translation: Sanders initially got into the race as a lark, and then caught fire with the Democrat base, drew a huge following, became competitive, then became the Donk frontrunner, and that's just not fair to the Old Harridan.

Your continued suggestions that Mrs. Clinton is untrustworthy and even corrupt – when nothing could be further from the truth – are a threat to our party’s standing, up and down the November ballot.

Translation: Nothing could be more spot-on target accurate, and Sanders is exposing it because it's a gaping weakness against which Mrs. Clinton cannot defend, and Weekend Bernie is a threat to the Democrat establishment, and this kind of heresy is only supposed to be inflicted on the GOP by the Tea Party.

With Mrs. Clinton now universally recognized as the leading candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination at this juncture....

In Brock's dreams.

....by staying negative, all you are doing is helping Karl Rove and his ilk do their general election dirty work…

Karl Rove?  Has Brock paid the slightest bit of attention to the unfolding Republicide?

You can play a constructive role in the party by continuing this substantive dialogue and staying positive for the duration of your campaign.

Translation: Sit down, shut up, and get out of Hillary Clinton's way.  A whiny bit of begging offered from a prostrate position of glaring weakness that wouldn't have seen the light of day if the Empress really were the "universally recognized leading candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination".  Not to mention a source of hysterical amusement at Bern Central and a redundantly towering incentive for them to barrel ahead and finish off the old biddy once and for all.

Sometimes, Mrs. Doubtfire, silence really is golden.  Especially in light of the fact that this isn't the first hypocritical stink bomb he's thrown in Weekend Bernie's direction.

But fear-stink is always more odious.  And Brock absolutely reeks of it.

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