Monday, February 01, 2016

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know How To Act Not Guilty

by JASmius

....or likable and relatable, either.  But her "caught red-handed" anger "tells" are as transparently impossible to miss as a magnesium flare at the bottom of a mine shaft:

Hillary Clinton's reaction to the Obama administration's disclosure Friday of top secret emails on her private home server "brings out one of her worst characteristics," USA Today columnist Rem Rieder said on Monday.

"In her response to the latest development, she has sought to cast the controversy in a political context: The Republicans are trying to undermine me with it, a la Benghazi," Rieder said. "Vast right-wing conspiracy, anyone?

"Under fire, cornered, she reacts defensively, legalistically, sarcastically," he added. "Which simply aggravates what's a serious issue for her: Lots of people don't trust her and consider her dishonest.

Nothing we haven't discussed here and on the air ad nauseum.  I just get a kick out of the fact that a growing portion of even the Obamedia is publicly admitting it on their way off the SS Clintanic to The Good Ship Bernie.

This 'graph also caught my eye:

On Friday, the Obama administration admitted for the first time that top secret information had passed through [Mrs.] Clinton's unsecured home email server during her four years as [commissar] of state.

Not a difficult admission to make, since (1) the Obamunists hate La Clinton Nostra and (2) the Regime set up her "privatized" email arrangement the day she was confirmed as commissar of state:

The State [Commissariat] created a “standalone” computer operating on a separate network for Hillary Clinton shortly after she took helm as the nation’s top diplomat in 2009, according to newly released emails.

[Mrs.] Clinton’s personal computer would be “connected to the internet (but not through our system) to enable her to check emails from her desk,” State [Commissariat] official Lewis Lukens wrote on January 24th, 2009, days after [Mrs.] Clinton was sworn in as [Commissar] of State.

“The stand-alone seperate [sic] network PC is on on [sic] great idea,” Under[commissar] for Management Patrick Kennedy responded.

“Yes we were hoping for that if possible so she can check her email in her office,” agreed Huma Abedin[-Wiener], [Mrs.] Clinton’s longtime aide and her deputy chief of staff at the time.

Which means - I know, it's SHOCKING, isn't it? - that Hillary Clinton wasn't hiding this illegal communications system from Foggy Bottom or the Obama White House, and wasn't hiding every last bit of classified information that her conspiracy "jumped" from the classified government email system "into the clear" from every last U.S. enemy on the planet, but was ONLY  hiding her email shenanigans from GOP Congressional oversight.  You know, the "real enemy".  Or, in other words, the Obama Regime is part of the Vast Leftwingnut Conspiracy.

Who knew?  Besides pretty much ALL of us.

UPDATE: "Widespread devastation".

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