Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Faceplants On Corporate Inversions

by JASmius

Ya know, I think that even if she could borrow her husband's political skillset and hypnotic powers, she still wouldn't be able to avoid stepping on rakes like this.

First, her latest liberal left commie bastard-pandering ad, promising to end corporate inversions:

And now, the same day as the spot airs, drops the other shoe:

[Mrs.] Clinton has called out specific companies such as Pfizer and Johnson Controls for conducting “corporate inversions” — a merger with a foreign counterpart for tax benefits.

“On the tax code, they call that an inversion; I call it a perversion,” she said Wednesday. “And I’m going to go right after that!”

At the same time, however, [Mrs.] Clinton continues to collect money from financiers who are benefiting from some of the deals she decries. Among those who have raised at least $100,000 for her campaign is Blair Effron, a founding partner of Centerview Partners, a boutique investment firm that played a role in the Pfizer and Johnson Controls inversion negotiations. A Centerview spokesman declined to comment. [emphasis added]

Her connections to corporate inverters don't end with even that degree of separation:

Left unmentioned were [Mrs.] Clinton’s family ties to the firm. Since 2009, Johnson Controls has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is led by Bill Clinton, and the firm has donated as much as $250,000 to the charity in membership dues. [emphases added]

And this is but one of Her Nib's innumerable Wall Street ties:

Another liability is that [Mrs.] Clinton has consistently surrounded herself with Wall Street types, in both formal and informal ways. Gary Gensler, a former partner at Goldman Sachs and the former head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is the [Rodham] campaign’s chief financial officer. She is said to speak regularly with Tom Nides, a vice chairman of Morgan Stanley and a former deputy [commissar] of state when she was the [Commissar].....The list of her Wall Street buddies goes on and on: Alan Patricof, the private-equity mogul; Marc Lasry, the founder of the Avenue Capital hedge fund where Chelsea Clinton once worked; and Steve Rattner, the former private-equity investor who now helps to manage a portion of Michael Bloomberg’s fortune, and his wife, Maureen White.

With so many targets on her enormous ass, how can Bernie Sanders possibly miss?  And how can she possibly believe that she's ever going to woo the Nutroots to her banner, or ever win the Democrat nomination?

But she keeps on trying anyway:

[Mrs.] Clinton’s campaign has updated its website to note her continued support for the government-run health plan that was dropped from ObamaCare during the law’s drafting. The idea was popular among [communist]s who prefer a single-payer plan — like the one Bernie Sanders is touting.

Which is weak, milquetoast tea to the Donk base, and puts her well to the right of Weekend Bernie (and Donald Trump), who both vow not to add a "public option" to ObamaCare, but replace ObamaCare with Universal Medicaid altogether, and all that that entails.  By Executive Order, of course.

Boy, wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at the first 2017 Bush-Clinton family reunion?  Or have Howard Wolowitz electronically infiltrate it for instant upload to YouTube?

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