Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton Flailingly Smears Governor Rick Snyder With Blame For EPA's Poisoning Of Flint, Michigan's Water Supply

by JASmius

I haven't written about the Flint, Michigan water, contamination disaster because, frankly, it was a local issue to Michiganders that was the product of the usual public sector incompetence in that predominantly "blue" State.  Yes, the Environmental Pollution Agency did play a role, as has become their trademark, but the situation is being (belatedly) handled and remedied by the Republican-led State government.  Those who, through their criminal negligence, let this tragedy happen should be dealt with (and will be to the extent they're not Democrats), Flint's water supply will be cleansed, and all will move on.


C'mon, you don't really believe we live in a sane, reasonable, mature, adult world anymore, do you?:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Thursday denied claims made by Hillary Clinton during her concession speech in New Hampshire that he "poisoned people to save money" in Flint, Michigan, replying that her statement was "not accurate."

"This was a terrible tragedy and it really goes to multiple levels of government," Snyder told MSNBC's Morning Joe program. "There were bureaucrats, state government that made mistakes in common sense and judgment, there were mistakes at the EPA."

He further said that he is taking responsibility for the actions of people in the State government, and on Wednesday announced a multi-million [spending package] into fixing Flint's water woes.

"This is about solving this issue and we shouldn't put politics into this," said Snyder. "We should be rallying together to say how do we make things better in Flint." [emphasis added]

Yes, Governor - and it should rain beef and pork teriyaki on my deck every night like manna, too.

I realize that Snyder is on the defensive about this matter and feels like he can't go on the offensive by giving Mrs. Clinton's vile slur the righteously indignant bitch-slap it richly deserves without stoking public outrage in his, again, predominantly "blue" State,  But I would advise him to reconsider.  The Empress's accusation isn't one of incompetence or negligence or even callous disregard; she is directly and personally charging Rick Snyder with being a greedy mass murderer who deliberately poisoned the water of Flint, Michigan for, personal gain, all in a blatant and disgustingly defamatory attempt to desperately "out-commie-populist" Bernie Sanders for the Democrat base voters who have deserted her for him in droves, as Iowa and New Hampshire have amply demonstrated.  What she said isn't merely "not accurate"; it is a smear of epic proportions that should be greeted with a blistering smackdown on the grounds of honor alone.

It's all the more despicable for its seeming randomness.  Herself eviscerated Governor Snyder on primary election night in New Hampshire; the Michigan primary isn't until March 8th.  It's like she was grasping at any smear straw on which she could get her gnarled, age-spot-encrusted claws.

I suppose that is a sign of her downward-spiraling weakness, and I'm assuming that's the other lens through which Governor Snyder is taking it.  But at what point is enough enough?  Is there no longer any threshold of self-respect?  Or has our side been taking this crap for so long, and we've grown so acclimated to it, that we just shrug and effectively say, "Yes, m'am, we'd like some more"?

Because there will be a bottomless supply of it where this came from.

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