Monday, February 15, 2016

Islam's Doctrine of Deceptive Invasion

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In the wars of the twentieth century, rather than the conflicts being between two disagreeing parties, they always became wars of "good versus evil."  History marks the contrast clearly.  In World War I, the allies were the good guys, and Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were the bad guys.  In World War II, the allies were the good and virtuous ones, while the Axis Powers were evil.  During the Cold War, it was the good guys of The West against the evil communist regimes.

Further back in history, while we view military conflicts in a different manner, with a more "this country against that country" mentality where it wasn't as much a struggle of good versus evil as it was a struggle over this disagreement or that disagreement, there are still a few campaigns still viewed through the lens of "good versus evil."  And in every conflict involving Islam, the Muslims are viewed through the hindsight of historical evidence as being the bad guys.

Bad guys usually lose wars, and history does not look favorably upon evil.  That is the lesson learned.  Therefore, if evil is to have a chance to win, it must clothe itself in morality, virtue, and good intentions.  And when that evil invades a new land it fully expects to conquer, with the kinds of weapons available, it is best to invade and occupy with the friendly permission of the ignorant host country's population.

Islam is patient, and Islam knows how to adjust when necessary.  No lie is too big, and no deception is too grant, for the followers of Muhammad, the False Prophet.  They have waited centuries to get their chance to dominate the world.

Islam, over the last hundred years, or so, has also been infiltrated by the Marxists.  They have inherited the Marxist art of infiltration.  While Khrushchev said that we would raise the red flag of socialism ourselves, of which we are in the process of doing, it turns out there may be a crescent moon on that flag, as well.

The invasion of The West is in full swing.  The courts are bending over backwards to protect sharia law, and other Muslim demands.  Countries in Europe, and the United States, are opening the doors as wide as possible to the Muslim invaders, who are calling themselves refugees and migrants.  They claim they are simply seeking safety, but the reality is that they are seeking to occupy the nations they are moving into.

I was talking to a man from Germany at the gun show over the weekend, and he reiterated something a German immigrant to the United States told me a week ago at the Constitution Association meeting: The German Government is requiring each city and town to receive at least as many refugees as is 25% of the population of their municipality.

The percentages are much smaller at this point, and the results have been devastating.  And the governments of The West are demanding more.

Do they understand what Muslims do once their numbers reach certain percentages?

The violence, the rapes, and the demands for appeasement have already begun.

The reality is that we are at war, and we are in the process of being invaded. . . and our leaders are shaking the hands of the invaders as they cross into the country, and use the other hand to make sure their bomb-belt is firmly in place.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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