Friday, February 19, 2016

Kentucky Senate Approves "Separate But Equal" Marriage Bill

by JASmius

Let the Lavender Lobby "SEGREGATION!" comparisons begin!:

Kentucky's State Senate approved a bill Thursday that creates different marriage license forms for [homosexual and normal] couples, with one Republican senator saying any form that does not include the words "bride" and "groom" is disrespectful to traditional families.

Which was, of course, the whole point.  Imagine how "disrespectful" it will be when the SCOTUS bans traditional families and mandates homosexuality and transgenderism.  Which is a lot more likely now that Justice Scalia has passed from the scene.

The primary purpose of the legislation was to remove the names of county clerks from marriage licenses, a response to the controversy surrounding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and her refusal to issue "marriage" licenses to [homosexual] "couples".

But the Republican-controlled Senate amended the bill as a way to show their support for traditional marriage. Former Democrat Governor Steve Beshear changed the marriage license form last summer once homosexual marriages became [mandatory], removing "bride" and "groom" and replacing it with "first party" and "second party."

"Quite frankly, it's....disrespectful to the traditional family," said Republican State Senator John Schickel of Union. "That's why, wisely, we decided to have two forms. That has nothing to do with bigotry, nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with the vast majority of Kentuckians that respect traditional marriage."

Whom the SCOTUS declared irrelevant in Obergfell, along with their "bigoted, discriminatory" opinions that have heretofore predominated the human "species" for the past six thousand years.

Don't worry, Bluegrass State rump rangers, this bill will be DOA in the Democrat-controlled Kentucky House of Representatives.  Which is a shame, because it would be cynically entertaining to take bets on how quickly such a law would have been nuked in the nearest federal court by the Gaystapo.  My guess would have been under twenty-four hours.

Exit "See, I told you so" quote:

Democrat Senator Gerald Neal of Louisville, said creating two marriage licenses is taking the State "down a path that has already been paved in this commonwealth that has a tendency to reinforce bigotry."

"Separate has never been equal," he said.


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