Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nevada A Democrat Dead Heat

by JASmius

But have no fear, my friends, for Mrs. Clinton is the epitome of diversity in her tin-eared screw-ups, as she has also managed to smear Nevada Democrat voters as racists and piss off Harry (G)Reid, the local King, at the same time:

With five days to go until the Nevada caucuses — once viewed as Hillary Clinton’s western firewall — Senator Harry (G)Reid and his allies are incensed at the wounded Democrat [back]runner.

The reason: The [Rodham] campaign’s attempt to downgrade expectations there by whitewashing the diverse State.

The campaign’s recent assertion that Nevada is “still a State that is 80% white voters” – in other words, a State that looks a lot like Bernie Sanders’ base — is simply wrong, (G)Reid allies claim. But more galling than that, they say, it undermines the entire rationale for the caucuses’ existence — the State was only pushed to the front of the election calendar eight years ago because (G)Reid lobbied for better demographic representation than the overwhelmingly white early-voting States like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Two States that she has lost - meaning she's un-nominatable among white Dems - heading into a State that she is implicitly admitting she's also going to lose, even though she's supposedly more electable among minorities, which is presumably why she's "smearing" Nevada as "white".  Even though she herself is that color.

- Me, two days ago

Behold the wages of tin-eared screw-ups, my friends: The breach of the Rodham "western firewall":

Likely Democrat caucus-goers in Nevada are split almost evenly between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders ahead of Saturday’s caucuses, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.

Though [Mrs.] Clinton holds an edge over Sanders on handling a range of top issues, the results suggest the extremely close race hinges on divided opinions on the economy.

Overall, 48% of likely caucus attendees say they support [Mrs.] Clinton, 47% Sanders. Both candidates carry their demographic strong points from prior States into Nevada, with [Mrs.] Clinton holding an edge among women, while Sanders tops the former [commissar] of state among voters under age fifty-five....

Actually, CNN got that wrong; Senator Sanders trounced Mrs. Clinton among women by eleven percentage points in New Hampshire, and if he "carries this demographic strong point" with him by even coming close to repeating that performance this Saturday, he'll win Nevada comfortably.

One exception emerges though: Although the pool of potential caucusgoers in Nevada is more racially diverse than those who participated in Iowa or New Hampshire, the racial divide among likely caucus-goers isn’t nearly as stark as among voters in South Carolina, with both white and non-white voters about evenly divided between the two candidates. [emphasis added]

In other words, the myth of her superiority with minority voters, just as her supposed superiority with women voters, has been punctured and her ham-fisted dropping of the race card on Weekend Bernie has backfired, just like every other gambit and tactic she's ever employed in two presidential campaigns.  Which means that after the Donk South Carolina primary ten days from now, Hillary Clinton may well be 0-4.

Though still leading in (super)delegates, of course.

I may actually watch the Dem convention this time.  It'll be like WW[E] before they went "PG".

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