Monday, February 08, 2016

Obama Celebrates America-Dividing Job Well Done

by JASmius

At this point you really do wonder whom Barack Obama and his media worshipers believe they're actually fooling with this incense-burning nonsense.  Did they somehow deport us all to a parallel Bizarro dimension where the past seven years didn't happen, or did they displace themselves in the attempt to a parallel Bizarro dimension where the past seven years did happen but We the People were sound asleep?:

Presidents in the final year of their terms love to highlight their legacies. When Barack Obama journeys to the Illinois State capital this week, he’ll instead point up one of his presidency’s greatest failures.

Such as what?  ObamaCare?  No, he meant to lay waste to the private health insurance market.  The "stimulus"?  No, he meant to piss away a trillion bucks to his "tribe".  Putting the country in the worst national security danger in at least a third of a century?  No, that was his stated foreign policy doctrine.  Doubling the national debt in seven years?  No, that was the definition of Obamanomics.  Using the Constitution as an adult diaper?  A chimpanzee could abide by the Founders' limitations more and better by accident.  So about what on Earth are we talking?  Breaking a hundred on the back nine?

Answer: One of Barack Obama's greatest accomplishments, by his lights, which his stupendous, strutting narcissism is turning, in classic Gul Dukat fashion, into a "failure":

National political divisions and partisan rancor have grown worse, not better, under Obama, a development he has acknowledged as one of the biggest regrets of his administration. [emphasis added]

No, really, he appears to be serious about this.  Probably in the same way that Ivan Drago regretted having failed to "break" Rocky Balboa.

And Springfield, Illinois, has become a funhouse mirror of Washington’s dysfunction: a Republican governor locked in a standoff with a Democrat legislature, producing a financial crisis that has left the State without a budget for 222 days and forced cuts in services to the disabled, homeless and the elderly.

As I'm sure any Tea Partier would be happy to "AMEN!", since when has the Republican Congress sustained any budgetary dispute with The One for even a tenth as long?  He's a striding colossus on that score compared to Illinois Democrats.  About what the heck does he have to complain?

Obama on Wednesday will address the stalemated Illinois legislature nine years to the day after he announced his presidential campaign a few blocks away. At the time, he held up the State’s government as proof that Washington politicians could overcome partisan differences to solve problems. As the Obama era nears its end, the two capitals are more alike, though not as candidate Obama would have hoped.

Nine years ago Illinois had a Democrat governor (the currently imprisoned Rod Blagojevich) and a Democrat legislature.  Which made it awfully easy for the Democrats to "overcome partisan differences" to "solve" problems by the simple implement of sheer numbers and raw power.  Illinois Republicans couldn't "dysfunctionally" stop jack squat.  The only reason they can now is because Illinois voters turned to Republican Bruce Rauner in desperation after all of Illinois Democrats' "solutions" drove Illinois off the fiscal precipice into the dark abyss of bankruptcy below.

"Dysfunction," in other words, is indicative that our system of government is not yet completely moribund, but has some degree of functioning civic immune system left.

“I know he’s been frustrated by the gridlock in Washington and he’s talked about the importance of bipartisan compromise,” Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner told reporters last week. “We need that here.”

"Gridlock in Washington"?  I'll give all you Tea Partiers out there a chance to regain your composure after the paroxysms of hysterical laughter I know just erupted from your innards......

Okay, are we good to go?  Good.  Because now you can double yourselves over yet again with the spectacle of the same POTUS who has had the worst relations with Congress of any president in decades, who has never bothered with even the pretense of trying to get along with Capitol Hill, who looked at a Democrat Congress as subordinate water-carriers and servants and the Republican Congress that replaced it solely because of him as an unruly obstacle to be disregarded and circumvented, law and Constitution be damned talking about the "importance of bipartisan compromise".in which President "I Won" has never once indulged, even on a lark.

Barack Obama's greatest regret is that Republicans wouldn't follow his orders.

Sorry, my Tea Party friends, I know I just made you piss yourselves with that one.

Incidentally, he's got another "order up":

Barack Obama will ask Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to tackle the fast spreading Zika virus [aka "Captain Buzz"] both at home and abroad, the White House said Monday.

The administration will submit the request "shortly," the White House said in a statement that did not specify a timeframe.

"Never let a crisis go to waste," and all that.  Even if this doesn't quite reach that threshold.  But it is an opportunity to pander to Latinos some more, racistly bash Republicans if they don't obey his royal command, and then wax lamentatively about "dysfunction" some more.  Ganar-ganar-ganar.

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