Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Obama Under Fire For Lack Of Leadership On Syria From....France

by JASmius

Yes, even this is becoming a pattern.  So tell me, my friends, if "humiliating" is beyond "embarrassing," what's beyond "humiliating"?  "Mortifying?":

The United States is coming under increasingly bitter criticism for its perceived lack of leadership over Syria as the country's brutal civil conflict heads toward new levels of intensity.

Or, rather, its "leadership in the wrong direction".

Washington appears unable or unwilling to prevent its ally Turkey from bombing Kurdish fighters inside Syria, its critics say.

It's both, actually, but "unwilling" has led to "unable" by deliberate foreign and military policy.  Barack Obama's core belief has always been that America is the "focus of evil in the modern world," that all the world's problems are America's fault for even existing and being involved around the world, and if we just withdrew and left the world alone, our planet would become heaven on Earth.

Well, welcome to heaven on Earth, mes amis Français.  And Syria is its capital.

And it has done little to rein in Russia's mounting military involvement on behalf of Bashar al-Assad.

"Done little to rein [Russia] in"?  Putin sent his forces to Syria at Obama's engraved invitation when O punted the "red lines" fiasco to Moscow two and a half years ago.  Forfeiting U.S. influence and leadership in the Middle East to Russia and Iran is a feature of the Obama Doctrine, not a bug.

In the eyes of his detractors, Barack Obama is guilty of refusing to engage in Syria by doing exactly what he said he would do when he was elected in 2008: pulling America out of Middle Eastern wars, after the Iraq debacle, and "pivot" US foreign policy towards Asia.

Where he could commence with throwing Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Phillipines, Australia, et al under the ChiComm bus just as he gifted Iraq and nuclear weapons to Iran and shafted Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States on the mullahs' behalf.

I cannot help but be sardonically amused that it's France - France! - that's doing the most and loudest bitching, given that they were, eight years ago, the loudest and bitterest critics and denouncers of the "cowboy" George W. Bush and his "reckless warmongering" and whatever.  I had no idea there was a French equivalent of this meme:

Or, "Mlle Me Yet? Comment est-ce "l'espoir et le changement" trucs de travail pour vous?"

This is either the mother of all buyer's remorses or the most spectacular real-life illustration of the Uhura Protocol - "Be careful what you wish for - you may get it" - that I've ever seen.

Although I'm still not fully convinced that the Frenchies really mean it.

A pointed attack came Tuesday from France, where few have forgotten Obama's last-minute refusal to take action against Syria in 2013 after evidence surfaced that the government used chemical weapons against civilians.

Which they didn't - ISIS did and framed Boy Assad (not that he wouldn't have, of course) for it, trying to goad Obama into wiping out Assad for them and clearing the way for their conquest of Syria, which would have put us on the outs with the mullahs and probably precluded any "legacy"-clinching nuclear "deal".  Thus, another of the reasons why he blinked on his "red line".  Another being that he was either bluffing when he first issued the "red lines" threat to Assad or just said it because he thought it sounded "cool," never dreaming that he'd ever have to back it up.

"Obama had said, 'If he uses chemical weapons, it will cross a red line," former Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Tuesday on Europe 1 Radio. "And that red line was crossed with no reaction."

Ah, but he didn't say which red line, Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Etrangères.  He keeps a bunch of them in his pockets, like golf tees.

"When the history books are written, we'll see that this was a turning point, not only in the Middle East crisis but also for Ukraine, Crimea and the entire world," Fabius had said earlier this month, adding that he regretted the "ambiguities" and "lack of very strong engagement" Washington has demonstrated with respect to Syria.

The turning point was November 4th, 2008, when this Islamocommunist "Obamination" was elected in the first place.  Every disaster that has followed ensued from that day of infamy.

And you bâtards malodorantes were among those cheering the loudest at the (red) dawning of The Age Of The One.  So why don't you sit down and have a nice, steaming hot cup of ferme ta gueule.

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