Saturday, February 13, 2016

Obama White House "Deafeningly Silent" On Rash of Cop Killings

by JASmius

Barack Obama would have been willing to run over his own mother to get to the White House press room podium to weigh in caustically on the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tony Robinson, Freddie GrayLaquan McDonald, et al, as he in fact did, in the same way that Homer Simpson would to get to his next Duff beer.

Meanwhile, the body count among law enforcement officers year-to-date is mounting at a record pace:

Already this year, eight on-duty police officers have been killed by gunfire — including five this week alone.

The 2016 gunfire fatalities mark a notable increase from the same January 1st through February  11th period last year, when just one officer was shot dead, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

In total, eleven officers have died this year, versus thirteen officers in the same time frame last year. But most of the deaths last year were traffic-related, not firearms-related like they are this year, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s tally. [emphasis added]

Gee, I wonder from where the impetus for that could have come.....

And what do we hear from Dear Leader?

Fox News has noticed, and they're not the only ones:

A Fargo police officer fatally shot responding to a routine domestic disturbance call. A twenty-five-year police veteran killed while trying to serve a warrant outside Atlanta. These are just the latest tragedies of cops murdered while performing their sworn duty — “to protect and serve.”

But while Barack Obama and the Democrat candidates vying to succeed him are putting America’s police departments on trial in the court of public opinion in response to a rash of deadly police shootings, the murder of police officers on America’s streets is being met with a “deafening silence.”

The relative silence on officer deaths contrasts with the Democrat candidates’ often fiery language on police brutality against African-Americans. When it came to the issue of law enforcement at Thursday night’s Democrat debate, the candidates focused almost exclusively on “police reform.” Vermont Senator Sanders said he’s “sick and tired” of seeing unarmed black people shot by police, likening heavily equipped departments to “occupying armies” – a reference to Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere. Hillary Clinton hit similar points.

Of course.  Because #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesDon't.  Because there's no such thing as a completely non-violent communist revolution.  And because that's what puts the "war" in race war.

Why would The First (Half-)Black President....

....ever object to that?

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