Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Obama's Delusional "Leadership" On Syria

by JASmius

Does Commissar of Defense Ash Carter believe the nonsensical Obamunist party line he spouts in this CBS News interview?  Honestly, I tend to think he's not smart enough to be able to parse it.  Carter (and isn't that the perfect name for O's SecDef?) isn't in that job because of his expertise or his skill or his knowledge or his abilities; he's atop the Obamagon because he's a weak, boot-licking sychophant who does and says what he's told.

So The One wound Carter up, sent him onto CBS This Morning and he told the incredulous Charlie Rose the following:

“I’ve said this very bluntly to our overseas partners — there can’t be any free riders here … because we’re going to be on the winning side,” Carter told CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose at the [Obam]agon Tuesday.

Since when?  How?  Based on what on-the-ground evidence?  "We" had the chance to be the "winning side" - at least vis-a-vie deposing Bashir Assad - two and a half years ago in the "red lines" crisis.  Of course, we'd have been on the losing side vis-a-vie ISIS, who would control the entirety of Syria and be even stronger than they already are.  The Middle East is more complicated that way than the White House ever wants to credit it.

Instead, O blinked and punted the whole Syria mess to the Russians, which is why I say that Putin's forces are in Syria at his engraved invitation.  They have the initiative, they're calling the shots.  So how are "we" going to be on the "winning side," Ash?

“We’ll remember who contributed and who didn’t. And we aren’t out to do people favors here and we’re not asking for anybody to do us favors either, but people need to act in their own long-term interests so we’ll remember.”

Sounds vaguely like a flaccid threat that nobody is going to take seriously, least of all Czar Vlad.  What's the "penalty" for those who "don't contribute," Ash?  That you guys get to define what's in Moscow's "long-term interest"?  How are you going to make THAT stick?

Carter said any country on the sidelines “who needs to get in the game” should get in the game.

How are you going to compel them to do so, much less play your game by your rules?  I see all kinds of moral preening here without any coercive power to back it up.

“That’s what I was doing in Brussels. And overwhelmingly people came on behind that, and to the Russians and the Iranians who are not contributing and are actually causing more problems in the region, that’s going to come back and get them,” Carter said.

WHAT's going to "come back and get them?  From whom?  You guys are approaching this like it's some kind of faculty lounge exercise instead of the real world, and you're all SO much smarter than the Kremlin and the mullahs and they're somehow "gonna find out" that you were right and they were wrong and actually admit it to their shamed chagrin.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Putin and Khamenie have gotten everything they wanted and more from you like bullies stealing nerds' lunch money.  And you continue to delude yourselves in this dream world of yours that Syria will miraculously and inevitably turn in your favor.

Much like when the cyberbully hacked Sheldon Cooper's World of Warcraft account, and the guys went to his house, all loaded for bear, thinking their moral suasion was going to carry the day.  And how did that turn out?

Sheldon not only doesn't get back his World of Warcraft items, but loses his prize bat'leth to the bully as well.  What does it take for justice to be done?  A swift kick in the nuts from Penny.

There's a lesson in that for Ash, old buddy old pal, but his boss will never permit him to learn it because he thinks he already knows everything.  Which is why Vlad publicly said that O has "[mush] for brains" not too long ago.

“Everybody looks to Russia as if they have — this has been a win-win for them in Syria. They’re a player. They have supported Assad. Assad is in a much better position,” Rose pointed out. “I mean, people look at what Putin has done and said he’s been a master strategist in the way he’s played a weak hand.”

Everybody except Barack Obama, that is:

“Well, where does that strategy lead?” Carter asked. “It’s leading to the prolongation of the civil war in Syria, which is not in Russia’s interest. It’s not.”

Prolongation?  No.  Winning?  Yes.  But, of course, victory in war is not a concept the White House is capable of envisioning - they "end" wars, remember?  Prolongation, however, is their specialty, which is why a squashing of the Islamic State that could have taken a matter of weeks if they were actually serious about it is still sputtering along futiley a year and a half later (and counting).

And, oh by the way, ISIS got their hands on more nuclear materials:

Iraq is searching for "highly dangerous" radioactive material whose theft last year has raised fears among Iraqi officials that it could be used as a weapon if acquired by Islamic State.

Baghdad reported the stolen material to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in November but has not requested assistance to recover it, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday.

The material, stored in a protective case the size of a laptop computer, went missing from a storage facility near the southern city of Basra belonging to U.S. oilfield services company Weatherford, an environment ministry document seen by Reuters showed and security, environmental and provincial officials confirmed.

A spokesman for Iraq's environment ministry said he could not discuss the issue, citing national security concerns.

How many radiological "dirty" bombs can they get out of this heist?  One?  Two?  Three?  They already have at least a couple deployed somewhere in Europe from nuclear materials they plundered in Mosul.  Maybe they'll put this batch to good use in Chicago or L.A.  But don't worry, Ash; I'm sure your faculty lounge is lead-lined.

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