Tuesday, February 09, 2016

SCOTUS Blocks Obama's "Clean Power Plan"

by JASmius

Or is trying to.  And I'm sure that, in the spirit of President Andrew Jackson responding to the SCOTUS of his day, The One is already retorting, "Chief Justice Roberts has rendered his ruling - now let him enforce it":

The U.S. Supreme Court blocked a new federal regulation that would cut emissions from power plants, putting a hold on Barack Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change.

i.e. Shut down the U.S. energy sector.

The justices heeded calls from utilities, coal miners and more than two dozen States to halt the Environmental P[ollu]tion Agency rule while court challenges go forward. Foes say the agency is overstepping its authority and intruding on States’ rights.

Gee, ya think?

Supreme Court intervention casts doubt on the legal prospects for the program, suggesting doubts among a majority of the nine justices.

Yeah - five of them.

The delay lasts at least until a federal appeals court in Washington rules on the plan, probably later this year after it hears arguments in June. In the meantime, the EPA won’t able to enforce a September 6th deadline for States to either submit their emission reduction plans or request a two-year extension.

Wanna bet?  As I wrote two and a half weeks ago after the D.C. Circuit followed White House orders:

Of course, it may also be the the D.C. Circuit didn't bother with a stay, reasoning quite logically that the White House will just ignore it and keep implementing CPP anyway. Either way, the mythology-driven economic carpet-bombing will roll forward.

There's no reason to believe, given the Obama Regime's track record, that anything short of a unanimous smackdown from Olympus will even remotely get their attention, much less alter their tyrannical behavior.

Watch what the States do vis-a-vie that September 6th deadline.  I would be stunned if any of them stop working on their emission reduction plans, even after this SCOTUS stay.  They know what the handwriting on the wall says, even if Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito do not.

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