Thursday, February 04, 2016

Texas Pro-Abortion Prosecutor "Offers" The Wrong Defendant Probation

by JASmius

What a deal, huh?:

A [pro-life] activist indicted for using a fake driver's license ID to aid secret filming inside Planned Parenthood facilities turned himself into authorities in Houston on Thursday and was offered a probation deal, prosecutors said.

David Daleiden, indicted in January by a Houston-area grand jury, appeared briefly at Harris County District Court on the charge of tampering with a governmental record, which can bring up to twenty years in prison. He also faces a misdemeanor charge for trying to procure fetal tissue.

Which, if Planned Parenthood wasn't in the black market business of illegally selling it, would be an awfully....curious thing for Mr. Daleiden to have been doing, no?

Daleiden is leader of the California-based Center for Medical Progress that released the secretly filmed videos used to [expo]se the [baby-killing] group of trading in [slaughtered baby] tissue.

He was offered a probation deal typically reserved for non-violent offenders in which, if he keeps a clean record for a certain period, charges would be dropped, prosecutors said. [emphasis added]

To put it a lot more transparently, the Lauren Reeder-hijacked Harris County Prosecutors Office is "trafficking" in acts of blatant police-state intimidation in order to completely shut down and silence the pro-life movement permanently.  Mr. Daleiden's outrageous, justice-mocking criminal indictment in Planned Parenthood's rightful place is, in other words, a warning, both to him and to every American who dares oppose the continuing, wholesale, industrial slaughter of the innocent unborn: "If you oppose us in any way, shape, or form, we will destroy you."  If Mr. Daleiden capitulates, he and one of the most effective blows ever struck against the abortion industry and culture has been silenced and neutralized; if he tells them to go bleep themselves, they will make the ultimate example of him that, they believe, no other pro-lifer will ever want to follow or emulate.

And, perhaps, a martyr whose rallying cry will take the pro-life movement to the next level, and a place where baby-killers do not want it to go.  Is David Daleiden - who's only twenty-six - willing to effectively sacrifice his life for his cause?  We're about to find out.

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