Monday, February 22, 2016

The Democrats' Sandershivization

by JASmius

A process that was born in the flames of the 2000 Florida Insurrection and Al Gore bloodless coup attempt, nurtured in the Bush Derangement Syndrome anti-war wars, reached adulthood with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, and has now reached the top of the latter under the banner of Sandershevism.

This isn't your father's Democrat Party, or your grandfather's, or your great grandfather's, etc.; but it is their Communist Party:

Democrats appear to be embracing socialism more and more in the presidential election season.

A six [in] ten majority of Democrat primary voters say socialism has a "positive impact on society," according to a poll conducted by the conservative advocacy group American Action Network, Politico reports.

The survey of a thousand likely Democrat primary voters also agree by a thirty-four-point margin that the [Una]ffordable Care Act does "not go far enough" and a single-payer health system should be enacted.

Politico says the findings will "fuel Republican claims that Democrats are increasingly out of the political mainstream — a point made frequently by the party's candidates."

Prior to eight years ago, I would have heartily agreed with that sentiment.  But now?  After Barack Obama was both elected and re-elected?  And Bernie Sanders tying or beating every surviving Republican presidential candidate (and Trump) while Hillary Clinton trails them all in hypothetical matchups (but not Trump)?  It seems to me like it isn't the Democrats that have "left" the political mainstream, but that the political mainstream has followed them in that direction.

If you're one of those stubborn Tea Party types who still believes that America is REALLY, even now, a "conservative country", you can take solace in the fact that we're going to lose the White House for the third straight cycle no matter who the Democrats nominate because of the toxic combination of the Trump hostile takeover and the GOP civil war.  And if Sanders or Mrs. Clinton have coattails, well.....

Just remember one thing, my Trumplican friends: "Shaking up the 'establishment'" means unified Democrat - i.e. Communist - government.

Which does fit that description, I guess; but not in the way the idiots think it will.

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