Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Gender-Bender Olympics

by JASmius

Or "The end of Title IX as we know it".

If the Zika outbreak doesn't shut down the Rio Games, this craziness might end the entire Olympic "movement" itself:

The issue of "transgender" athletes recently gained wider global attention when Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion, announced he had undergone [an addacuntomy] and was now living as [but is not, nor will or can he ever be] a woman, "Caitlyn" Jenner.

Now "transgender" athletes look set to compete at the Olympic Games for the first time without first having to undergo [surgical and chemical mutilation].

Medical chiefs at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have recommended the change which could mean "transgender" athletes would be more readily able to take part in this summer's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as well as other international events.

"Transgender" athletes have been allowed to compete at the Games since 2004 but only after [self-mutilation], having undergone a minimum of two years [chemical mutilation] and being legally recognized as their changed gender.

So the Olympic movement has been compromised by this mental illness for over a decade, and their "standard" was that genders had to have been already (mythically) bent before participants could be turned loose, even though the only physical changes would be sexual in nature by definition - a fake vagina, a fake penis, amputated or artificially stimulated breast tissue, etc.  Their physical builds, skeletal structure, muscle mass, would be appreciably unchanged.  Which means that elite female athletes pretending to be males would have zero chance of being competitive, and male athletes pretending to be female would presumably dominate their competition.  How on Earth is that fair to female athletes, at the Olympic or any other level?  Suppose that the aforementioned MISTER Jenner had pulled this forty years ago and won the Pentathalon instead?  Do you suppose Siegrun Siegl, the East Germans, and the entire Soviet bloc might have had a problem with it, given their own propensity toward masculinizing their female athletes?

And now, trannies don't even have to be mutilated first; they can participate as transvestites.  Again, how is this not virulently anti-feminist and misogynistic?

Jazz Shaw provides a contemporary illustration:

For one of the more famous examples, take Usain Bolt, the current world record holder for the hundred-meter sprint. He recently broke his own world record with a 9.58-second run in Berlin and may be on track (pun intended) to do it again at the Olympics. He did nearly as well in the Beijing championships last year, where poor Su Bingtian of [Red] China finished in ninth place with a time of 10.06 seconds. Did you catch that? Less than half a second slower, and Su took ninth place.

Now let’s look at the performance of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who shocked the world in the same games with a huge victory. In fact, her time in the hundred-meter sprint was good enough to place her in a tie at number seven for the all-time fastest women in the sport. She crossed the finish line in 10.70 seconds.

But in this brave new world of ours we have all sorts of options. Su Bingtian can simply put on a skirt, go on the Late Show and tell Stephen Colbert that he identifies as a woman. When he shows up in Rio he will blow away the field by [more than] a full half second and bring home the gold, rather than having to be content with a participation trophy for at least having been in the stadium.

Sound fair to you?

It damn sure shouldn't sound fair to women, because it absolutely isn't.  And yet that's the insanity we have to look foward to at the Rio Games.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm starting to root for Captain Buzz, myself.

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