Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Gitmo Resort & Spa

by JASmius

Barack Obama released his long- awaited plan for closing the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, saying transferring as many as sixty of the detainees captured during the war on terrorism would eliminate a recruiting tool for [Muslim]s....

A description that far better fits what he laughingly calls his "counter-terrorism" policy, with the phony "war" against ISIS and his "Let's relocate all the Muslim rape gangs Angela Merkel hasn't already poached over here" Syrian "refugee" policy front and center. Our - his - weakness is the Global Jihad's biggest recruitment tool, and if that death cult was capable of being deterred, Gitmo would be a powerful deterrent to it. Why? Because it is a testament to Islamic Fundamentalist weakness. Every inmate by definition was defeated by the "infidels". Ergo, ipso facto, the greater the population of Gitmo, the bigger jihadist deterrent it becomes.

And what has O been doing for the past seven years? Emptying it.

Do the math.

- Me, forty-four hours ago

You know what would make Gitmo even more of a jihadist deterrent?  If it were anywhere close to the torturous craphole as which Barack Obama, the Left, and the "international community" (the redundancy hat trick) have denounced it over the past decade and a half (and you'll note that Gitmo-bashing magically disappeared on January 20th, 2009 and hasn't returned since; funny how that works).

Would that it was, or at least was a kind of "killing the enemy with kindness" attempt at undermining their Muslim indoctrination and apostasizing them.  But no; the "Real Gitmo" is simply another form of appeasement:

For years Barack Obama and the [communists] who support him have classified the prison at Guantanamo Bay, where the United States has housed the world's most dangerous terrorists and enemy combatants for nearly two decades, as a medieval dungeon rife with human rights violations and horrifying conditions. The prison is so bad, according to Obama....

Who has kept it open for the past seven years. must be shut down in order to protect U.S. dignity.

It's a little late for that by his lights, isn't it?  Indeed, hasn't Gitmo now been open longer under Obama than it was under Bush43?  That would certainly explain this:

But the real GITMO is quite another story, with detainees regularly watching movies and cable TV, spending time outside, playing video games, taking advantage of their religious freedom afforded to them by U.S. values, being given medical treatment and more....

"Bare boned facilities have been replaced with first class accommodations. Their healthcare? Exactly the same as our troops. Plus a library of thousands of DVDs, videos games and over twenty thousand books," Hegseth reports from inside the prison. [emphases added]

Wow.  Nice, huh?  Back in World War II, you know what the Roosevelt administration did with illegal enemy combatants?  They shot them.  And the Nazis didn't send any more.  And what were these enemies trying to do to us and will resume attempting once they're released by The One?

You know the drill.  And so do they, given what the inmates regularly do to the guards, including spitting and pissing on, and chucking their crap at, them like baboons - all without any retaliation, punishment, or discipline, of course.  It is indicative of, and has richly earned, their contempt and hatred for us and what they see as our soft, callow weakness, which treating them with "first-class accommodations" actually exacerbates rather than assuages.

"Our values," about which O is endlessly, tiresomely, and hypocritically clucking, are precisely why the Global Jihad wants to wipe us out.  They only respect their values - violence and war, which they define as strength.

That's what George W. Bush gave them, and it kept us safe and stabilized the Middle East.  Barack Obama has given them the diametric opposite, and now we're under jihadist siege, as is Europe, and the Middle East is careening toward nuclear war.

Which makes now the PERFECT time to close Club Gitmo.

Given that the remaining inmates live better than I eventually will, maybe they'll be a vacancy, assuming the Castros don't take it back after Red Barry abandons it.

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