Sunday, February 28, 2016


By Allan McNew

A disclaimer: While I may have a shifting belief as to who may be the least of evils, I do not endorse any of the current candidates for President, including Trump, nor do I believe the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Democratic Party plant, regardless of what he would actually do if he won the general election. Having read “The Art of the deal”, written maybe 35 years ago, precluded that notion for me.

There is probably little middle ground in most people's minds concerning Donald Trump, he is either liked or loathed, which leads to either idolize and push him over the top or vilify and destroy him. However, there is too little effort to understand the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

This myopic approach is not helpful, because the underlying problems and resulting unrest will not be resolved.

I could spend hours on the specifics, but the base cause of Trumpism has been that the establishment core of the Republican Party have been too busy masturbating their special interest sponsors as well as each other while ignoring the well being of the nation.

Take illegal immigration. A vast region without enforced borders is not a nation and is doomed to fail. One cannot endorse open borders and clamor for a living wage because the first negates the second, and without limiting immigration to that which ensures full assimilation the nation loses both its identity and character - there is a reason that the foundings of the United States and the Latin American nations lead to such success on one hand and such colossal failure on the other, which has nothing to do with race. There is all sorts of noise about whether to build a border wall or the viability of deporting 12 million people, but no one ever talks about role of the employers, of which large employers buy off both sides of the isle to their own interests. In the meantime, 14th amendment children of illegal immigrants are voting the progressive-Democratic-socialist ticket in ever growing numbers.

So, who are the lemmings in this election? People who are tired of being used as patsies for the establishment status quo and vote for Trump, or the Republican establishment which has been committing slow suicide since Ronald Reagan left the White House – even with now controlling both chambers of Congress?

The Republican party may just well go the way of the Whigs, which failed in part by trying to straddle the political fence, and apparently there is an increasing number of voters who believe it should.

Addendum: To my best recollection, when G.W. Bush finally understood that the nation wanted immigration enforcement, he embarked on a limited show campaign involving a few Midwestern meat packing plants. The agents ran in the front door of the plant, chased the illegals past the office out the back door, caught a few in the field, then quietly released them after the cameras were no longer present. If GW was serious about illegal immigration, the agents would have walked into the corporate headquarters whereupon they would have arrested and subsequently legally crucified everyone with administrative authority.

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