Monday, February 01, 2016

The Wit & Wisdom Of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

by JASmius

An all-time great and hall of famer on the basketball court, I had no idea that the Bucks and Lakers great and multi-time world champion had such, for this mad era, keen and courageous political insight, which he gave full-throated voice in yesterday's Washington Post:

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Monday called Donald Trump "the Milli Vanilli of politics" and told supporters that a vote for him guaranteed that "actual, realistic changes … will never happen."

"Instead of translating your outraged voices into meaningful action, you would be thwarted by a candidate who knowingly made promises he couldn't keep,"

"America works best when all voices are championed by true believers," he added. "Don't let yours get lip-synced by the Milli Vanilli of politics."

In a letter beginning with "Dear Trump supporters," the Hall-of-Famer acknowledges their anger toward the American political system and encourages them to evaluate the "Republican" candidate to evaluate him on several fronts.

His [alleged] "conservative" views, citing his positions ranging from abortion to s[odo]marriage: "His windshield-wiper party affiliation — in 1999 he switched from Republican to independent, then to Democrat in 2001, then to Republican in 2009 — suggests either internal conflict on the issues or blatant pandering."

His [alleged] "Christian" beliefs, citing a Pew Research Center poll finding him the least religious among the Republican candidates, along with last month's ["Two Corinthians"] gaffe at a Liberty University speech: "Trump supporters: Does this mean nothing to you?"

His "toughness," in light of his vow to destroy the Islamic State: "The problem is that, to be tough, you actually have to know how to win," Abdul-Jabbar said. "Steeliness without strategy is just bluster."

Not to mention insanely dangerous.

His readiness to attack "people who have the freedom to disagree with him": "If Trump is willing to abrogate one part of the Constitution in his quest for power, why should he stop there? The promise of Trump is that he will destroy from the inside what the terrorists are trying to destroy from the outside. That makes him a dupe and a puppet."

His refusal to appear at last week's Fox News debate last week in a continuing spat with co-moderator Megyn Kelly: "As a Trump supporter, aren't you worried about his toughness if he refuses even to face simple questions …? Imagine how much harder the questions would be if he were elected president."

"Here's the most important reason for not supporting Trump: You're throwing away your chance to change the country for the better," Abdul-Jabbar said. "Even if Trump could win in November, bluster and insults are not enough when it comes to our economic, spiritual and social futures. [emphases added]

Sky hook slam dunk, my friends.  I couldn't have put it any better myself.

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