Monday, February 29, 2016

Top Clintonoid & Emailgate Figure Still Retains Top Secret Security Clearance

by JASmius

Of course she does.  Probably because she's black.

But that's not the only reason by a long shot:

Current and former intelligence officials say it is standard practice to suspend a clearance pending the outcome of an investigation. Yet in the case of Cheryl Mills, [Mrs.] Clinton’s former chief of staff at the State [Commissariat], two letters indicate [tada!] this practice is not being followed — even as the [Rodham] email system remains the subject of an FBI investigation.

I hope y'all brought your hazmat suits.

In an October 30th, 2015, letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-IA — who has been aggressively investigating the [Rodham] email case — Mills’ lawyer, Beth A. Wilkinson, confirmed that her client “has an active Top Secret clearance.” The letter said previous reporting from the State [Commissariat] that the clearance was no longer active was wrong and due to “an administrative error.”

i.e. "Mistakes were made" - or, "WHOOOPS!"

A second letter dated February 18th, 2016, from the State [Commissariat]’s assistant [commissar] for legislative affairs, Julia Frifield, provided additional details to Grassley about the “administrative error.” It, too, confirmed Mills maintained the top secret clearance.

So let's talley this up.  Hillary Clinton has been out of Foggy Bottom for over three years, and so has her then-chief of staff.  She was serially and indiscriminately violating federal law with her "privatized" electronic communication system for the entirety of her four-year State tenure, with her chief of staff in full knowledge of and complicity in that criminal conspiracy, spraying top secret information all over the "in the clear" public domain to the tune of over fifteen hundred emails and counting.  Her then-boss is under criminal investigation, SOP for which is to rescind all security clearance to where Miss Mills can't use the john in a federal government building.  And yet she still has her undiminished top secret security clearance to this day.

In God's name, why?  And don't give me that "as a former government official, Hillary had the privilege of assigning a 'researcher'" crap, either.  What possible "research" could the Ugly Dutchess have Mills doing other than trying frantically to cover her tracks from the inside?

The intel community has certainly noticed:

Dan Maguire, a former strategic planner with Africom who has forty-six years combined service, told Fox News his current and former colleagues are deeply concerned a double standard is at play.

“Had this happened to someone serving in the government, their clearance would have already been pulled, and certainly they would be under investigation. And depending on the level of disclosure, it’s entirely possible they would be under pretrial confinement for that matter,” Maguire explained. “There is a feeling the administration may want to sweep this under the rug.”

This is consistent with the "October surprise" gambit I've outlined previously.  It also reeks of the White House noting the results of the Democrat primary in South Carolina on Saturday, Mrs. Clinton's first decisive victory in this campaign.  And it reflects the likely fact that the Regime is still terminally incontinent about protecting classified information, as all the hacking scandals of the past few years have dismally revealed.

And don't forget that Cheryl Mills is black.  And all black people in this country - Democrats, anyway - are above the law.

It's right there in Article I of the Obamatution.

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