Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump Picks Up First Congressional Endorsements

By Douglas V. Gibbs

While Ted Cruz is still trying to figure out why it is that all of his congressional colleagues hate him, and Rubio is busy schmoozing establishment money, Donald Trump is winning primaries and caucuses, and after winning Nevada has also picked up the first two of his congressional endorsements.

The endorsements are by Representatives Chris Collins, R-N.Y., and Duncan Hunter, R-C.A.

"Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated that he has both the guts and the fortitude to return our nation's jobs stolen by China, take on our enemies like [the Islamic State], Iran, North Korea and Russia, and most importantly, re-establish the opportunity for our children and grandchildren to attain the American Dream," Collins told the Buffalo News. "That is why I am proud to endorse him as the next president of the United States."

Hunter told Politico he too would back Trump. "We don't need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as president," he said.

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JASmius said...

How has Trump "demonstrated" anything other than is own mercenary ambition? If we need a "leader," isn't it kind of important to know in what direction he would lead? As is going to be my mantra in our pixelated and on-air debates about Trump going forward, when did actions stop being louder than words?

JASmius said...

Also, I never thought I would ever see the day when you, the man who almost threw me off this site (figuratively speaking) for blasting Ted Cruz during Defundageddon in my first official month here, would be giving the man regular golden showers. We really are through the looking glass now.