Friday, February 26, 2016

Two U.S. Nuclear Missiles Fired Out Over Pacific Meant As Pathetic Bluff

by JASmius

I'm not buying this.  Which means that Kim Jong-Ill and Xi Jing-Ping aren't buying it either.  Nobody on the crust of this planet believes that Barack Obama would ever launch a single armed nuclear ICBM against anybody, anywhere, at any time, for any purpose.  He "ends" wars, remember?  And those were counter-insurgencies, not strategic nuclear exchanges.

My guess?  O is getting rid of all our remaining missiles by just shooting off "blanks" randomly, never to be replaced:

When it comes to deterring an attack by North Korea or other potential adversaries, the missile is the message, and for the second time this month the United States has launched a Minuteman-III nuclear missile out over the Pacific.

Then it's a good thing it didn't explode upon launch, given how old the damn thing is (see below).

Like a giant pen stroke in the sky, the unarmed Minuteman-III roared out of its underground bunker on the California coastline on Thursday, reported the Associated Press, inscribing the signature of American power....

....amid growing worry about North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons capable of reaching U.S. soil.

The Minuteman missile, toting a payload of test instruments rather than a nuclear warhead, arced toward its test range in the waters of the Kwajalein Island chain about 2,500 miles southwest of Honolulu.

The missile test, dubbed "Glory Trip 218," was the second this month and the latest in a series designed to confirm the reliability of the Cold War-era missile and all its components. The Minuteman-III, first deployed in 1970, has long exceeded its original ten-year lifespan. It is so old that vital parts are no longer in production. [emphasis added]


The Russians generally [conduct ICBM test launches] more often, at least in part because they have new missiles in development whereas the Minuteman-III is the only U.S. ICBM. The U.S. Air Force is planning a new-generation ICBM, but it is not scheduled to begin entering the force until about 2030. [emphasis added]

Oh.  My.  God.

Our enemies are acutely well aware of all of this.  They are all building, building, building, arming themselves to the teeth, flexing their muscles around the world, while we keep shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, and the weaponry we haven't gotten rid of yet rusts, decays, and obsolesces.  And yet this is the squeaking nonsense they continue to spout for public consumption:

Deputy Defense [Commissar] Robert Work said in an interview ahead of Thursday's launch that he sees good progress in fixing the problems in the nuclear missile corps. He also said the Vandenberg test launches are critically important.

"It is a signal to anyone who has nuclear weapons that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country, if necessary," he said....

With broken-down, decrepit, half-century-old technology.  Ordered by Barack Obama.

Constance Baroudos, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute think tank, sees great deterrent value in the Minuteman test launches.

"Deterrence basically doesn't work unless the threat is deemed credible," she said. "So every time we test ICBMs we demonstrate not only that the weapons work but also that they are ready to be launched. When those tests are conducted, the Russians, the Chi[Comms] and other international actors are watching, and they send a message to a potential aggressor that they not do anything they would regret."

Well, Miss Baroudos, I hate to tell you this, but our enemies don't look like they're taking our crumbling "deterrent" as being remotely credible.  And they also know that even if we did have a serious, pro-American administration in place - which we will never have ever again - we can't afford to rebuild a credible deterrent in any case.

The Obama Doctrine has brought down the curtain on America's time as a global superpower, world power, great power, or ANY kind of power.  We are now the gigantic Luxembourg of which the Left always so fondly dreamed.

And it won't end there....

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