Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Another Judge Throws Out Another Ted Cruz "Birther" Challenge

by JASmius

For all you Tea Partiers out there who stubbornly refuse to support your natural candidate because of a constitutional ineligibility for the presidency that is (1) true but (2) you know will never be ruled that way by a court system at any level that you know doesn't understand constitutional originalism, all I can say is - again - "See, I told you so":

An Illinois judge on Tuesday dismissed a legal challenge brought by a voter who contends that Senator Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for president because he was born in Canada.

Which, again, isn't why Cruz is ineligible, and illustrates how almost nobody outside of the court system knows constitutional originalism from their bunghole, either.

Judge Maureen Ward Kirby of the Cook County Circuit Court dismissed the complaint brought by Lawrence Joyce, because he failed to properly serve Cruz and members of the Illinois State Board of Elections as required by law.

As have judges in New York and Florida and as will judges in Alabama and Texas, the latter of whose nomination contest Senator Cruz has already won.

Give it up, people.  This is not a hill worth the country dying on.  Think of it this way: Would you rather be technically vindicated and turn the country over to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump - liberal Democrats all who actively detest the Constitution - or help elect, if it's still possible, the closest thing we'll ever get to a constitutional originalist at a time in the nation's history when one has never been more desperately needed, whose only "sin" is that his dad hadn't naturalized yet before "TrusTed" exited his U.S. mom's birth canal?

If there's ever been a more towering example of the adage about the Constitution not being a "suicide pact," I don't know what it is.

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