Friday, March 18, 2016

Bowe Bergdahl & "Schizotypal Personality"

by JASmius

So THAT's the clinical term for "jihadist traitor" - who knew?:

[Jihadist traitor] Bowe Bergdahl suffered from "schizotypal personality disorder" when he left his post in Afghanistan, concluded an [Oba]rmy Sanity Board Evaluation from 2015.

The Obarmy has a "sanity board"?  My, but this post is becoming educational.

Bergdahl had schizotypal personality disorder "at the time of the....criminal conduct" and now also has post-traumatic stress disorder, said CNN's reporting on the evaluation.

So they made up an excuse that he was crazy then to cover his defection, and are now claiming that he's sane now so that the sanity he never lost will enable him to pave the way for his release, reinstatement, and eventual Democrat political career.  Plus adding a claim of PTSD to provide additional PR sympathy cover.  Quite a thorough caper, I must admit.

"Though [سيد] Bergdahl did have a severe mental disease or defect at the time of the....criminal conduct, he was able to appreciate the nature and quality and wrongfulness of this conduct," said a July 27, 2015, memorandum from the sanity board.

The memo said he does not currently suffer from a mental disease that would render him unable to understand the proceedings, said CNN. [emphases added]

I think this Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance commercial says it all in thirty seconds....


["I'm Ali Bowebar al-Bergdahli and I approve this message" - or "أنا باو بيرغدال وأنا الموافقة على هذه الرسالة" in his adopted tongue.]

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