Friday, March 11, 2016

Bryan Pagliano A "Devastating Witness" In Emailgate

by JASmius

Loretta Lynch's role as a "stay out of jail free" card for Hillary Clinton has just gotten a lot more difficult:

Former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a key witness in the email probe who struck an immunity deal with the [Injustice, Revenge & Coverup Commissariat], has told the FBI a range of details about how her personal email system was set up, according to an intelligence source close to the case who called him a “devastating witness.”

The source said Pagliano told the FBI who had access to the former [commissar] of state’s system – as well as when – and what devices were used, amounting to a road map for investigators.

"Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Mrs. Clinton's] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized," the intelligence source said.

The source, who is not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, said Pagliano has provided information allowing investigators to knit together the emails with other evidence, including images of [Mrs.] Clinton on the road as [commissar] of state.

The cross-referencing of evidence could help investigators pinpoint potential gaps in the email record. "Don't forget all those photos with her using various devices and it is easy to track the whereabouts of her phone," the source said. "It is still boils down to a paper case. Did you email at this time from your home or elsewhere using this device? And here is a picture of you and your aides holding the devices."

Filling in the gaps, connecting the dots, and tying it all together.  Bryan Pagliano is the Rosetta Stone of Emailgate, and a clear indicator that the FBI isn't "wrapping up" their investigation, but going for the Empress's jugular.

Which makes delusional exchanges like the one at the latest Donk debate the other night....:

At a Democrat debate Wednesday evening, [Mrs.] Clinton brushed off the question when asked by the moderator whether she would withdraw from the presidential race if faced with criminal charges.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos asked, "If you get indicted, will you drop out?" [Mrs.] Clinton responded, "My goodness. That is not going to happen. I'm not even answering that question." [emphasis added] cynically amusing for what they reveal of Hillary's mindset.  She is plainly and simply incapable of believing that (1) she isn't above the law, that (2) the law could possibly ever be applied to her - understandable given that she's been getting away with an ongoing, far-flung criminal enterprise for over thirty years - and (3) that the Obama Regime won't protect her from the well-deserved consequences of her criminal actions in this particular scandal.  The last of which she either knows or is complacently assuming.

There's probably not much daylight between those last two options.  But if that complacent assumption turns out to be wrong....well, that's probably when she'll have her stroke, given the physical debility she's been concealing like FDR did his polio over the past few years.

Excepting that, it would be a day for which we have all longed for decades, even if just for the reassurance that justice and the rule of law are not completely dead.  Which is why none of us will ever live to see it, of course.

We'll have to settle for the stroke at her inauguration, I suppose.  Good thing Donald Trump will be right there on the Capitol platform to catch her.

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